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    German Wiesel

    Wow, so sad. Thanks.
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    Trophy Active Protection System (APS)

    Israeli systems at work.
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    2019 Findlay Oh, Armed forces day show May 17-19 Sell+ swap

    I've got several sets if you still need. I'm south of Dayton, OH.
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    Alvis-Saracen FV603

    It is a great motor but underpowered considering 14 gearboxes(!), all time 6x6, and the brakes and steering hydraulics are one with three pressurized accumulator bottles. The gearbox and clutch are the weakpoint for sure. Neat vehicle but really complex.
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    WTH, Found a tank today.

    They are not abandoned. The government put them there and they are in US waters.
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    Restoration of 3 former USAF Honda CRF100F's dirt bikes

    24th STS had a few of these back in 2007.
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    M113 Chrysler Gasoline Engine 8763101 used in any other vehicles?

    Yes, it was used in the V-100/M-706
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    Who's driving in a Parade on the 4th?

    Anyone? Where?
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    My New Pinz

    Nice truck. I had a 710M for 12 years. Those insulated tops are really expensive. Good luck with it.
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    718 Pinz Diesel Need Head badly

    Check with the Volvo parts sources.
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    Getting a BRDM street legal

    The BTR-60 is overwidth for US roads as per DOT regs. It cannot be licensed.
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    1980's gun trucks?

    There was no need for gun trucks during that period. Where would they have been used? No where.
  13. B3.3T

    U.K. Chieftain Moving Costs

    Very cool
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    "Remil" Restrictions?

    This has nothing to do with the law. You cannot reassemble the breech, even welded into a lump, without an approved Form 1. I have dealt with the BATF&E for 25 years on this topic, which has changed over the years.
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    Repro coil issues

    Same problem with the M151 too
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