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    Just got a M37, took some photos. Love any advice/pointers!

    Nice looking M37.
  2. beltfedonly

    What wheels are on your humvee?

  3. beltfedonly

    HMMWV 4-man Soft Top Slant Back

    Bulldogger, I have been trying to find a tonneau cover for the 2 man Hmmwv but with no luck. How about giving a thought to making this. Beltfedonly
  4. beltfedonly

    Best method to remove the Steering Knuckle Arm from the Knuckle?

    If you will hit the arm from the side it will peel the cones out. Use a four pound hammer and hit it hard and you will see the cones loosen.
  5. beltfedonly

    Wheel bore size.

    Looking for after market wheels, probably 17 in. and run some 37 in. Nittos.
  6. beltfedonly

    Wheel bore size.

    Anyone have the bore size on the hmmwv wheel.
  7. beltfedonly

    1951 m37

    Check the front flexible brake hoses, they have probably collapsed.
  8. beltfedonly

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    I like the wheels that you are running. What are they.
  9. beltfedonly

    Fitting Humvee wheels on M1028

    I have a new pair of the 2 inch aluminum spacers. they are complete with the new lug nuts. $100.00 shipped if you are interested.
  10. beltfedonly

    New tires and one piece aluminum wheel pictures

    Who makes the wheels?
  11. beltfedonly

    12-Bolt Beadlock questions

    I have a set of the aluminum 2 inch spacers if you need them. They are new and come with the nuts. $100.00 for the set.
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