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    Possible duel circuit fix

    the Hydro-Max system i saw on another thread is different.
  2. BikerBi11

    Possible duel circuit fix

    Has anyone looked at this? Haven't been able to find anything.
  3. BikerBi11

    Just another M1010 camper build...

    Ill be watching as I started converting mine also.
  4. BikerBi11

    M1009 having electrical issue with light and turn signals

    Was this ever resolved? I have the same problem and have been troubleshooting it for four days. Any help would be great!!
  5. BikerBi11

    EFS Surplus yard In Grantsville, Utah, 20 minutes from Jack Tomlins old yard..

    Nice, do you have an addy for this guy?
  6. BikerBi11

    EFS Surplus yard In Grantsville, Utah, 20 minutes from Jack Tomlins old yard..

    What am I looking at to get one of those M35 hard tops?
  7. BikerBi11

    24v CUCV Starter

    Will this work on an M1010? I am fighting some real butchering!! I have 1 24v alternator and 1 12v one on the truck. The city I got it from also put a 12v starter on it. Just trying to work out the gremlins.
  8. BikerBi11

    Lets see those Desert Sand Tan CUCVs

    Just need to paint the rims and get the interioe done and I will have a driver!
  9. BikerBi11

    Lets see those Desert Sand Tan CUCVs

    just finished painting mine... best of both worlds.
  10. BikerBi11

    Diy Winch Install

    Me likes!!
  11. BikerBi11

    M1010 heavy modding ...would U do it?

    I love my M1010, modded it quite a bit, but would never take the box off of it. It has 7 inches of lift and 37 inch hummer tires. I am in the process of installing a sterieo in it now. Everything I have done to it can be undone. 4:10 gears in the spring.
  12. BikerBi11

    Cucv for a 1k

    I am with everyone else, GRAB IT! Junk yards are full of civi parts that you can get for cheap that will bolt rite on.
  13. BikerBi11

    Presenting my new M1010

    I just put a nice bench seat out of a red Burban in mine. It worked out really well. If I ever have a hankering, I can always put the buckets back in.
  14. BikerBi11

    Brake proportional 'valve' questions

    Double check and make sure you don't have anything leaking back there. Gear oil on the brake shoes will cause those symptoms. I don't know if brake fluid will or not, but better safe than sorry. Hope this helps.
  15. BikerBi11

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately? - Part 1

    Today..... Installed the under dash peices missing form my truck ie. heater core and ducting, put intake manifold back on, bled fuel system, Started my M1009 to make sure everything was a-ok. Put in antifreeze, filled tranny, replaced a rear broken brake line, then...... took it for a drive...
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