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    Name this Part 1951 M37

    That’s going to be a fine looking truck when it gets a bath! Thanks for sticking with it and bringing it back to life. The world will never have too many M37’s. (y)
  2. Bill Nutting

    M37 Hesitation

    In my mind it sounds like it is running way too lean. There are some problems running for extended times with the choke pulled out too far. If you run too rich you will foul the spark plugs. Another possible problem is unburnt fuel “washing” the oil off of the cylinder walls. I did this to a...
  3. Bill Nutting

    M37 Hesitation

    When we restored our M151a2 I sent the carb to Brooks Engine Service. He makes modifications to the carb that makes the 151 purr. Most 151’s run best with the choke pulled out about a quarter inch. Our MUTT was no exception. After Brooks got done with it pulling the choke is no longer needed...
  4. Bill Nutting

    M37 Hesitation

    I have given up on cas with ethanal. I found a station near me that sells “marine fuel”. It may also go by the name of RV fuel. It doesn’t have ethanol in it. My M37 even smells better using this fuel! It costs about 3.00 a gallon, but it’s worth it. This stuff even stores longer. That being...
  5. Bill Nutting

    MEP-8xx series fuel pump

    Is there some reason to not use the Facet pump?
  6. Bill Nutting

    1954 M221 - new purchase

    I love the look of these M221’s. You did real good on this one. It looks original.
  7. Bill Nutting

    Wanted! Reward available.

    Remember, the contract to build these went to the lowest price contractor. In order to keep the price down they had to hire cheap engineers. You just have to wonder how a design like this got approved. Someone had to look at this with their head tilted and say “yah, that looks right”... o_O
  8. Bill Nutting

    Got my HET today!

    A friend of mine had a HET and he let me take for a spin around the block. You can see the curve of the earth siting up there. Theses trucks are in a whole class of their own. 4,100 miles on it and the government sells it! Is this a great hobby or what? (y)
  9. Bill Nutting

    Thermal board

  10. Bill Nutting

    Thermal board

    This is why I love this place! New guy needs some help, can’t cut through red tape on his end, gets what he needs anyway. Thank you CUCVRUS!
  11. Bill Nutting

    License plate mounting?

    First of all, you have no idea how lucky you are to be able to register and plate your HMMWV. Some states, like Michigan, make it impossible. However, other HMV’s can be titled and have plates. In fact we don’t have to mount the plate at all because these vehicles were not built with a mount...
  12. Bill Nutting

    M116A3 - First Overland Trailer Build!

    I built a camper once out of a M101. What I like about these trailers is their suspension. They pull like a dream. One word of advice as you build it out. Watch the weight of your materials. It adds up very fast and you can wind up with a cool trailer that doesn’t go off road very well. When I...
  13. Bill Nutting

    More cushin' for the pushin'- Need new seat covers

    Try here: These folks saved me on our M151a2 project. Very nice folks...
  14. Bill Nutting

    New Member in Montana

    Welcome to the ward. Just so you know, there is no known cure for this ailment we call the hobby. So hook up your IV bottle and enjoy the treatment you will get here... :tigger:
  15. Bill Nutting

    Several Cranks To Start Cause?

    I don't know much about the correct makeup of DOT air line. For all I know it's just fine to use. Whenever I am using rubber hose for fuel, I go to my local NAPA and buy fuel rated hose. Maybe it's not all that important, I just don't want to be wrong about it and the hose fail...
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