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    M880 (?) D60 front axle

  2. Bob H

    Gas gauge and sending unit replaced, still no accurate fuel level

    The dash wiring also needs a good ground as well as battery to frame. Perhaps the float to coil relationship on the sender needs 'adjusting' This is just where I'd start looking. Hopefully someone that knows will chime in here.
  3. Bob H

    Gas gauge and sending unit replaced, still no accurate fuel level

    99% of all electrical issues on these are ground related. That being said, I have 3 of these ole Dodges in use and none of the gas gauges are accurate, each one reads different too. The M880 "E" is a 1/2 tank, M884 "3/4" is empty! The Ambulance "3/4" is full. Forgetting which read what can be...
  4. Bob H

    Galerie Active Duty

    80's Dodge
  5. Bob H

    Tire Size Question

    I like the 32-11.50's myself...
  6. Bob H

    Need some help on identifying some marks on M886

    You will not find the pattern for the M886, I believe they used the M725 ambulance pattern. Many years back someone on here did up a pattern for them. screen name of Macgyver I think.
  7. Bob H

    1978 m880 lights

    Service drive location of the upper right lever & left lever should be on panel Fuse box should be the next stop. Have had the 3 way switches go out on me before. and 76 & 77 were the only model years of the M880 series trucks
  8. Bob H

    Calling on all Michigan Historic Military Vehicle Owners

    After reading false statements in various media attributed to the Secretary of State office. I reached out to them in the event that the media may have twisted their statements, to offer facts on the matter. There response was they were not interested in changing their OPINION on this matter...
  9. Bob H

    Feb. 19, 2020: News for Michigan MV's

    Just spent 1 hr getting a Deuce titled for the 1st time, (not my 1st time, the trucks 1st time) 1971 General Products div of Jeep. They wouldn't use Jeep as it wasn't on the SF97. Couldn't use General Products as it wasn't in the system, It is now!! One of the ladies was determined that I...
  10. Bob H

    M880 5.2 smoke coming out of air breather inlet

    With the 727 trans the pump does not circulate fluid while in park. I will put mine in neutral for a minute before putting in gear. It helps the stall out. Also trans fluid level cannot be checked in park, must be in neutral.
  11. Bob H

    M880 5.2 smoke coming out of air breather inlet

    I put a clear inline filter just before the fuel pump. Yes where the fuel line connects to the carb.
  12. Bob H

    M880 5.2 smoke coming out of air breather inlet

    Change the fuel filter, I have found the rust particles from the metal fuel line can get in the seat and let fuel go by. when this has happened I would loosen the the fuel line at the fuel bowl & allow the back flow to rinse the seat. 2nd cause could be the starter relay on the fender well...
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