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    Inquiry on "rating"

    Having owned multiple M880 series trucks & their civilian W200 cousins since 2004. I have learned quite a bit about these trucks. The M880 is a Dodge W200 all axles, springs, shocks etc. are standard Dodge W200 parts. The W200 has a 8000lb GVW, the curb weight of the empty truck is listed at...
  2. Bob H

    US Air Force lettering

    Old pic of a 1978 truck taken on an Air Base. color of truck is Strata Blue
  3. Bob H

    Show & Swap, Clare, MI August 12-14th
  4. Bob H

    is there a "FOR SALE" forum?

    Near the top of the page, click on "CLASSIFIEDS"
  5. Bob H

    Interesting find for M880 owners.

    Those hood cutouts are not on any of my M880 series trucks. However, my 1978 Air Force contract W400 has those cutouts. 78 was the last year for the birdbath hoods. As was mentioned above, it ain't nothing but a 76/77 W200 non egr due to the 8,000# gvw the factory payload of a W200 is 2500lbs...
  6. Bob H

    transmission tunnel cover

    Nothing at the moment.
  7. Bob H

    M1028 whats it worth?

    I got $6,000 cash in hand if you get it to me here in Michigan.
  8. Bob H

    fuel tank problems.

    replace, with that plastic any repair is only temporary, pretty sure 1975 through 1980 are the same.
  9. Bob H

    What have you Done To or With Your M880/890-series this week?

    Well, I started the M880 last week, it's been parked out side all winter. I looked out the kitchen window at the M884 plow truck w/bad trans, then peered a bit to the left & seen the parts truck M882. While in the garage working on my summer time civi pickup, I gazed out the window at my W400...
  10. Bob H

    Where to get Flywheel for 6.2 Cucv,1984,k5+blazer,6.2l+379cid+v8+diesel,1050589,transmission-automatic,flexplate,8608
  11. Bob H

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    I'm all charged up to win this!
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    Transmission Problems

    The trans fluid will heat up as the pump circulates the fluid wil the engine idles, trans fluid expands with heat, so at ambient temps a pint low is about right. I have had vehicles with TH400 transmissions for the last 40+ years. Once I thought I broke one, but it was the torque convertor...
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