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    M925a2 Power Surge

    Probably the best picture I have seen of you yet. Your moobs have really grown since I saw you last. Lay off the Fritos dude. And when did you start working at the grocery store?
  2. Buffalobwana

    M925a2 Power Surge

    Easter is tough. Plus COVID dude ... COVID.
  3. Buffalobwana

    M101A2 leaf spring capacity questions

    That will probably work. There is a good thread on converting to electric brakes. I may have even posted one ... I forget.
  4. Buffalobwana

    M101A2 leaf spring capacity questions

    A Suzuki Samurai? Eh ... I think you got the wrong trailer. Best sell it to me for what you paid for it. Seriously, that’s a lot of weight. I have hauled a yard of decomposed gravel, at 3500+/- and that really squats the springs. Small bumps will bottom it out. Just today I hauled 90 gal of...
  5. Buffalobwana

    5 Ton Rims and Tires

    Whole lot easier to put beadlocks in now, just in case. Dont have to, but can’t think of many reasons not to, and can think of quite a few reasons to install them.
  6. Buffalobwana

    Overland 5-ton camper with a 20' container

    That is true. They get flimsy when you cut them. You could use a 40’ and cut out the middle and weld the end back on The truck in that video is a 20’ container. I have a 40’ and can’t imagine wheels on that thing! I would look hard at a reefer box. Lightweight and insulated. You would be far...
  7. Buffalobwana

    Looking for 24 volt to 120v ac inverter

    I have an Outback pure sine inverter, 3000 watt. 24v to 120. PM me
  8. Buffalobwana

    Looking for Jump seats: CH-53D/E Crash Attenuating Crew Chief Seats

    I have 4 NOS Shockride blast attenuation seats. PM me if those would work.
  9. Buffalobwana

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Wouldn’t paint a classic car with it ... but you could. And it would stick. Paint has come a long way. With the latex enamels today, I don’t see much need in ever using an oil based paint again. The Sherwin Williams store recommended a paint for ocean shipping containers. It’s a latex enamel...
  10. Buffalobwana

    M923A2 loosing fuel prime overnight

    I had my diesel shop replace the one rubber fuel line with a braded line on three of my trucks. They never loose prime now. I'm sure there are other areas that could cause it, but this solved the problem. About to take the 931 in for the same.
  11. Buffalobwana

    Transmission Oil - 80w/90 vs SAE 40/50

    I have definite thoughts. Just my own observations, maybe its just my truck. I changed my fluids before driving 1600 miles home after buying one in Idaho. I suspect it had tranny fluid, I changed to 15w 40. I thought something was wrong. Took it back to the guy who did all the work to get it...
  12. Buffalobwana

    Question from a new guy

    Find a tax office that will let you title is as 4000 lbs. A strange thing ... all my trailers happen to be that way! I know, it may be hard, but the farther you get into the country, the easier it is to find an office that will do that. Your milage may vary. Good luck. We are all counting...
  13. Buffalobwana

    Jeepers and 5 Tons

    Aaaaaaand, the next truck mod has begun! You know, maybe that’s the problem. They just can’t hear me!
  14. Buffalobwana

    Jeepers and 5 Tons

    I’m going to give the Jeepers another chance. I’m going to honk at them to get their attention. Maybe they don’t see me.
  15. Buffalobwana

    Jeepers and 5 Tons

    I post a lot of pictures of guns on that account. A gun hater reports me for anything I post. Jeez ...
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