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    Replacing the CV Axles

    Lock Tite?
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    What are these 4 units behind the seats ?

    Yep, Loudspeakers for radios. If you've no plans for them, or the mounting tray, or the cables or antenna bases/mounts, folks here will gladly take them off your hands (myself included). BDGR
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    Replacing the CV Axles

    +1 for locking the rotors (carefully). I've used everything from a wrench to a Craftsman screwdriver. Just find something that will bind it and proceed carefully. Some penetrating spray won't hurt, but be sure to clean it off the rotors after and try not to get it on the pads. You'll get 'em...
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    Can NOT find a M135 truck for sale anywhere!

    I'll PM him. It's am XM211, would need a tire swap to become an M135 BDGR
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    Can NOT find a M135 truck for sale anywhere!

    I have been watching idly and agree there have been few if any advertised. CUCVFAN had one in rough but reasonable shape, over in Baltimore listed a long time that never seemed to sell. He may yet have it. BDGR
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    LED tail lights on the cheap

    As I recall, the lower lamps are for blackout and backup lights. They should NOT be painted over, though you will likely never use blackout lights. BDGR
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    The L versus H or HL is part of the transfer case. Could be several things, but the easiest (and most hoped for) is that the linkage is misaligned. Get under there and inspect the t-case linkage and get some pictures of the shifter as well. Since it has a 700R it has had shift linkage...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    I replaced my pads without removing the half shaft, but it was TEDIOUS and a lot of hassle. Removing the half shaft just means you can drop the rotor out of the way and reach things a little easier. It is possible, and since we're hobbyists and our time is worthless, it's not essential to rip...
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    I have no idea why...

    Nice chain. There is one near my house in Woodbridge. Haven't been in a while. Should go again, in the HMMWV of course. BDGR
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    Got my truck

    Check it by smell, it' could simply be off-road diesel fuel which is dyed red. Congratulations! BDGR
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    Replacing Fan M998

    Yup that's the best way. Hope it finished up well then? BDGR
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    Soft Doors Safe On a Humvee

    HMMWVs are not "secure" vehicles with respect to parking and storage unless you add something inside that locks and is well-mounted. Anything you leave laying inside the vehicle is fair game to someone "going shopping". Sort of like owning a convertible car, where anyone with a box cutter has...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Any part numbers or other details to share? BDGR
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    Engine oil- Military or civilian?

    +1 And keep an eye on TSC sales, they sometimes have Valvoline 15W-40 at blowout prices. It's my #2 after Rotella. I have found good prices on Rotella at Advance Auto sales and, periodically. I also add a few lubricating additives, but don't want to derail your thread mentioning...
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    Members in Northern Virginia?

    I helped TheCaptain replace a water pump a few summers ago. Lesson learned: tedious or not, drain and remove the radiator stack. If you don’t you’re working with your fingertips next to sharp radiator fins and can barely reach the pump and fan bolts. You’ll need to make a fitting to pressurize...
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