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    Don't buy this junk!!!!!!!

    If that's because of eBay policies, you might try opening a dispute with PayPal, assuming you used PP to send funds. PP has a much longer return/dispute period. BDGR
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    Enjoy! Bulldogger aka KO4GMY
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    Has anyone used electrolysis for rust removal?

    I've used electrolysis to remove rust from a gas tank and it worked too well! I had leaks everywhere and POR-15 struggled to close them. Not that this should be taken as a bad thing. In my experience with setting it all up, it works very well. The anode will get cakes with gunk, and periodic...
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    Don't forget to check the control arm ball joints too. I've seen some very bad ones (guy was in front of me at a trail ride, his control arm was visibly wonky going over obstacles). Loose control arm bearings let the arm waggle, which might explain your instability. The other advice is also...
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    Horn doesn't work

    My horn didn't work at first. I jumped 24V to it straight from a good source, bypassing the button. It crackled to life after some intermittent grumbles and has worked fine since. Try giving it a jump start! BDGR
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    1958 Machine shop Deuce

    There's a slightly more modern M944A1 in Marshall VA at Jeff Symanski's Tactical Truck yard. Been for sale for some time. Not in as nice of shape, but it's a great start for someone who wants a gull wing shop van. BDGR
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    Replacing the HMMWV Seats

    I bought a pair of Mini Cooper front seats off someone locally for very little $$ and am planning to adapt them to my HMMWV. I am surprised at how stinking heavy they are. Will need to reinforce the battery tray cover for sure. Making a frame for the driver's side should be straightforward, I...
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    New Member

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    M998 Brake Issues

    Agree with those saying to investigate the parking brake setup to address the Brake light indicator being on. That light is ONLY related to the parking brake. You mention the mechanic said sticking rear brakes... Those too can be related to a mis-adjusted parking brake. Whenever rear brake...
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    No tail lights

    This is an easy answer and not bad news: That's the glow plug cycle. Intended and expected from a diesel. (I asked about it too, shortly after I got my 998 running.) Welcome to the club! Bulldogger
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    Engine valley drain hole

    Mine gets water in it because I haven't replaced the seal strips along the hood/windshield boundary. It's on the list, I promise! BDGR
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    Engine valley drain hole

    Here's how I clean small tubes: find a 3-4" piece of 1/16" or 3/32" braided steel wire (like for hanging large paintings/pictures of ffrom motorcycle clutch cables). Chuck it in a hand drill and begin turning while feeding it into the tube. The frayed end will fray and twist and auger that...
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    89 M998 Low Charge Indication

    Have you checked the connection on the opposite side of the + post that leaves the battery compartment? The 24V+ lead leaves the battery compartment in the front left corner by attaching to a post, not running the cable through the wall (at least in my HMMWV). That post has a 24V+ lead to the...
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    Graves Mountain Rally (Virginia), Labor Day Weekend 2022

    Hey Cabell, might you bring a 3 burner Coleman stove with you? I have a 2-burner, but am still envious of my in-laws 3-burner they've had since their wedding registry days 35 years ago. Still planning to be there. Bulldogger
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    New to me ERDLator deuce

    Looks like an overland camper waiting to happen! BDGR
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