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    MEP-016B injector pump repair/rebuild issues

    I took as much of the pump apart from the top as I could and let the ATF soak in there and put heat in there as well as well as around it to help the ATF really get in there. It took doing it a few times a day over 3 days or so to get it to finally loosen up enough. Feels like this was kind of a...
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    M1078 LMTV Fix-up Thread

    I didn't plan to rebuild them, just replace the outer portion of the chambers since they are old. I don't want to mess with opening up the spring side of the can. I just like the idea of having most of it be new and not worrying about it. Maybe I will rebuild one or two of the ones I take off as...
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    M1078 LMTV Fix-up Thread

    Had my first breakdown with the truck when I took it out to my off-grid place over the Memorial Day weekend. Glad it was on the way home so I still got to enjoy it. Had a brake chamber go bad about half way, parking brake side. Caged the two chambers on the wheel and used a vise grip on the line...
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    Valence's M66 Gun Ring

    Just found this thread when looking up some information on the M66. I mounted one on my M1078 for my 1919A4. Admittedly, I didn't read every word but did read a lot and you did a great job! Learned a few things as well. I didn't realize there was a cap for the pintle hole. My ring didn't come...
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    MEP-016B injector pump repair/rebuild issues
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    MEP 531A Fix-up Thread

    Turns out, you just keep tapping on the housing and it will come off from the adapter plate bolted to the motor. The stator made ever so slight contact at some point... probably why it wasn't making power. I didn't take pictures at the time but if I didn't already get rid of it, I will edit the...
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    L.I.P.S. Fix-up Thread

    I guess I never posted when I did it. I ended up finding a bonnet gasket that I thought was the right part number but needed to be modified a bit. Checked the valves and they were good. Gasket changed stopped the seep of oil though. I added a bar across the top with a hole to put a D-ring in...
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    M1078 LMTV Fix-up Thread

    Cradle modifications are 95% complete. I can not use a T&E with it. Got the PTO winch install done finally.
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    Mep80Xa injector pump leak

    Glad you're going! Nice little mod on the fuel water separator. I just put a cup in there to drain it. Never have gotten any water as it is super dry where I am.
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    MEP 531A Fix-up Thread

    I'm taking this thing apart today and am a bit stumped on how to take the generator off. TM is useless. Work Package just says "Remove from Engine" Uhhh, okay. They will write 3 pages on how to change a hose clamp, but not elaberate on how to do this. So government!
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    MEP 531A Alternator Wiring Question

    Not sure if you ever figured it out, but I just got through taking one of these apart for not making power. Not sure why it wasn't, but I shared a few pictures before I did & it was with the rear cap off. Here is a link...
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    Mep80Xa injector pump leak

    Triple check it is still not causing an issue. It;s really the only thing that makes sense from looking at the pictures and reading what you have done besides and issue with the casting o the injection pump or block making it not seat. Forgive the obvious question here, but you are getting the...
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    Mep80Xa injector pump leak

    Looks like your hose clamp is keeping the injection pump hold down front fully seating the injection pump while also breaking the seal on the hose clamp and the nipple to the injection pump. Then, diesel is getting into the crank case. Had this happen to me, minus the getting into the crank case...
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    MEP 531A Fix-up Thread

    I pulled the control panel and alternator cover off to have a look inside. It all looks neat and in order but someone was in there. Some of the caps to the brushes seemed loose to I tightened and tested again... less than 1 volt now with the breaker not tripping. It must be toast. I guess it...
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    Mep-831a fuel sending unit NSN

    I did not equate "work" with military ordering. Should have read more carefully!
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