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    I am just about done

    So, So far It does not seem to be the mounts or the Jack shaft. I think I am going to drop the front drive shaft and take it for a test drive and see if that is where the noise is coming from. And I always wear safety glasses, just from the rust, junk and dirt that falls off into my face all...
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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    Put my hat in the ring!! I can always use new batteries!
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    I am just about done

    Check that the nuts are all tight and it is not sloppy, it was a brand new Jack shaft because the old one was missing a cap.
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    I am just about done

    I have had my truck for 10 years, Just finished maintaining the wheel hubs, new boots on the front wheels and all the work that entails, then dropped in a new to me transmission, new brake lines, new wheel cylinders all the way around, took her for a break in trip 114 miles round trip, no...
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    T-136 Normal tempetaure operating range.

    Ambient was about 70F last night. I had a feeling that would be the answer:-) Thank you very much, I appreciate it!
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    T-136 Normal tempetaure operating range.

    Looking for a little direction. Just did a transmission swap due to a bad output bearing. But we noticed that the Transfer case was very hot, hotter than seemed safe. After the 26 mile return trip home I took some temp readings with a temp gun. It was showing between 233 - 239 F. After...
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    Rear Hub Service and How much Grease to use.

    I want to thank you all! This is why I love this community.
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    Rear Hub Service and How much Grease to use.

    The electrical tape idea is great! I have fought keeping the key way clean on the first two. So I guess I will conduct an experiment, the drivers side just repacked bearings the passenger side I will add some extra, we will see how they look when I service them next. Thank You!
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    Rear Hub Service and How much Grease to use.

    I was sorta worried, I did 2 and I packed the bearings on one and the next I put some extra in the wheel cavity. LOL Tactical Repair that is the only channel that showed the whole process. But in the 2 part on rear hub he skips over how much he put in the hubs. Love that Guy!
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    Rear Hub Service and How much Grease to use.

    I have been looking through the TM's but I have not located the Tandem hub service info. I am in the process of replacing all the grease seals because they are leaking, and after I have cleaned out all the old grease and repack the bearings, how much more grease do I need in these hubs? And...
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    OEM Spicer 3053 front bearing retainer with oil seal

    I would so love to get one with a seal. Getting ready to drop in a replacement transmission this month. and it is just sitting there on the bench asking for a new front seal.
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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Towing mine:-)
  13. Capriceii

    My new M109

    Congrats on the 109, I have a Love Love relationship with mine:-) Love to Drive it, Love to Fix it, and Love towing it:-) Great hobby, just keep a level head and $2000 in reserve for Tow and parts:-) Enjoy your truck and welcome to the club!
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