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    Graves Mountain Rally (Virginia), Labor Day Weekend 2022

    BTW: Chuck and I are still trying to figure out a theme and a shirt design for this year's event... Feel free to send me some ideas... If we pick yours, we'll give you a shirt and some goodies from the Lodge Cannery...
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    Graves Mountain Rally (Virginia), Labor Day Weekend 2022

    We will be having a work weekend (trail clearing/trail preview) during the days leading up to the 4th of July. We will also have a event preparation weekend shortly before the event in August. Individuals who can join us for four combined complete days of volunteer labor during either of...
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    m37 wiring

    The company is no longer onger in business. Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a link to my Dropbox account with all the manuals...
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    North Carolina

    Oh, I don't know... I've lived in Raleigh since 1986.... I could say a few words about how great my employer is...though I admit to being a tad biased... ;)
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    Official 2022 Denton Military rally thread, April 23rd-24th

    I'm in if the event is in November... I admit that it's a hard month to schedule due to Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving events, but much better for me than October since every weekend in October is already spoken for on my calendar... ;)
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    new M37 owner

    Send me a PM with your email...
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    Diesel Prices.....WTF ????

    I think that it was during Obama's first term that someone stated that the best way to get us all to go "eco friendly" and drive electric cars charged by solar and wind was to make sure that carbon based fuels cost more than folks could afford...
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    new M37 owner

    The company went under years ago... Shoot me your email address via a PM and I'll send you a link to my dropbox... I have all the M37 manuals on-line so that you can download them...
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    M37 Engine Swap with M151 Engine

    I admit that I do not have the hp/torque curves for the engines... However, having owned a few M37 and performed more than one engine swap (and having talked to a lot of folks over the years concerning their swaps), I think that you would be sorely disappointed in the performance of the M37 with...
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    New truck in Northern Virginia

    The Graves Mountain MV Trailrides and Rally is always held over the Labor Day Weekend. To be precise, it officially starts the week before on Thursday and ends on Labor Day. This year, the dates are September 1 - September 5, 2022. The thread for this year's event is located at Graves...
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    New truck in Northern Virginia

    The Washington Area Collectors/Blue and Gray Military Vehicle Trust (WAC/B&G MVT) holds an annual rally... They used to hold it at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, then if moved to Churchville (at a site that turned into a serious mud bog...), then it moved to Ripken Stadium (on the grass and...
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