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    M1010 ambulance box build reference

    yeah, they added a slide out with the pop top. Wish I could find interior shots.
  2. chevymike

    M1010 ambulance box build reference

    I have wanted to do a raised/popup roof since I had my first 1010. Not sure how easy it would be. Only pic I have run across with a popup was this one. I think it was in Europe.
  3. chevymike

    M1009 Starter Runaway

    Is that back to back starting attempts or over the course of multiple hours? If back to back (or relatively short time) it might be a heat induced issues where the solenoid or relay is heating up and sticking.
  4. chevymike

    Excited new M1010 Owner in Cali

    That's a neat idea.
  5. chevymike

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    Good luck! I don't think many were made and not sure any made it into HMMWV's. If you happened to find a new one, I had seen prices of $12,000. This is the ultimate 6.5 series engine but sadly they stopped producing almost as fast as they started.
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    cooling water temperature

    I bought and recently installed one on my M1010. Haven't gotten the new gauges in so not sure what temp I am running but figured it would be good to keep temps balanced.
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    TH400 Transmission Shifts points

    Yeah, my first M1010 had a problem with bad vacuum lines and modulator. I did the lines first and then had to do the modulator.
  8. chevymike

    Volt Gauge Mounting Bezel Needed

    Thanks. A lot of places sell them (I think even Amazon) but I get them from the source as they are local to me.
  9. chevymike

    P400 and Super 60 Turbo

    I did what the OP is looking to do on my first M1010. I converted the truck to 12 volt only and wanted to keep the two isolated when the truck was off, so if one battery died (bad cell) it would not suck both batteries down. I used a Blue Sea solenoid (500 amp continuous, 2000 surge). It...
  10. chevymike

    Engine Mounts - Poly or Rubber?

    So which model are you using? On both Energy Suspension and Prothane, I am not finding engine mounts listed for the 6.2. Are you using big block (454) or what?
  11. chevymike

    Lift Pump Lever Force

    Yes. Very heavy spring inside to prevent the valve from "floating" when at higher RPM's.
  12. chevymike

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Most recent work was adding indicator lights to my dash project. With the new gauges, I lose some of the factory lights so I got a M1008 volt meter panel (doesn't have the rear door open light) and added K-Four Legends indicators.
  13. chevymike

    Volt Gauge Mounting Bezel Needed

    I thought I would update this thread to show what I was doing with this bezel. This is for some factory indicator lights that are loss with the removal of the factory gauges.
  14. chevymike

    California Peeps

    That is A/C only in that top unit. Inside there is a diesel powered heater.
  15. chevymike

    California Peeps

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