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    Power Steering Gear Box

    That part number referenced above Auto Zone says they have in stock until you go to checkout then it is unavailable. They called Napa and they cross referenced the part to a Napa part, but that turned out to be the wrong part all together, mounting holes did not even line up. Rock Auto has it...
  2. Chief B

    Buyer's Regret?

    Not sure what others have dealt with, but when I first got mine, my insurance company did put a bunch of 1s after my vin to make it 16 digits. About a month later I received a letter from the state saying my VIN did not match and that I needed to contact them. I called and let them know and...
  3. Chief B

    4 man soft top modifications

    I looked into Mojojeep tops and they are willing and able to do custom tops. They told me one with graphic would be around 350 as the width of it they have to print it on two tops and sew them together.
  4. Chief B

    Power Steering Gear Box

    Thank you for the input, this helps a lot. The reason I think that mine is out is not only because I have not had power steering in a couple months now even with new pump, but now it decided to dump all the fluid out of it where the pitman arm attaches. Was going to just do a rebuild, but was...
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    Power Steering Gear Box

    I got it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Power Steering Gear Box

    Ok... working on trying to get this thing out of my HMMWV and I have a bolt that no matter what I’ve done will not budge... any tricks on getting it out? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Backup camera solution?

    Something else to think about is if you even want it on a switch. Mine is wired to always be on when I'm driving and it works great since there is no rearview mirror. I actually mounted my monitor up by the wiper motor so I is more less where a rearview mirror would be anyway. Mine was wired...
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    Jack Stands for HMMWV m998

    I too am using a high lift with jack stands. Only time I ever had an issue with it was the first time I tried the jack out and I forgot to chock the wheels...
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    Has anyone seen this AWESOME spare tire rack system?

    I would think so... I personally was just doing an inquiry for the group. I want to find a way to mount mine upright in the bed, but have not found a way to do so yet. Honestly it has not been a high priority though. If running around town where I might actually use the bed to haul something...
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    Has anyone seen this AWESOME spare tire rack system?

    So I went ahead and contacted the company on the website and they responded today. Even though they no longer make this product, they are in the process of marketing the clamp-on version to some international customers so he said that if they go back into production he will let me know the price...
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    Alabama Title

    I purchased mine with a valid Alabama title and registration. I live in Florida so I transferred it to Florida, but I believe having a valid title and registration may have helped my case. I am unsure of what the person I purchased it fro had to do, but I know he purchased the HMMWV from auction...
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    Axle broken? M998 front wheels not turning in shallow snow

    When my half shaft broke I'll be honest, I did not try BTM as putting it into HL made it so that I could drive no problem, but I was not trying to drive in snow or anything at that point, just trying to get home. It would however not go anywhere in H, I had to put it in HL. You mentioned that...
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    Power Steering Gear Box

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Chief B

    Power Steering Gear Box

    OK, doing a NSN to part number lookup I think I found this at Auto Zone, but wanted to know if anybody can tell me if this is the right size. Input Shaft: 0.8 in Input Shaft Spline count: 32 Output Shaft: 1.25 in Output Shaft Spline Count: 32 Power Steering Inlet Size: 18mm x 1.5 Power...
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    Power Steering Gear Box

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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