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    MEP-802a Power Quality (With oscilloscope pics)

    Excellent. By chance can you show what a couple open frame ‘noise, smoke and fume’ generators look like if you have any to test? To give our viewers a baseline and to show why we are such big fans of the mep-802/803 gensets please?
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    Ultimate well nut repair

    I did my pick up with the tank mounted in the genset. I hogged out the aluminum at the nipple with a dremel. Didnt need to take it apart at all. Wish i knew you were thinking of doing it the hard way, we could have given you tips for an easier job.
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    Ultimate well nut repair

    Replaced my return well nut last week while on vaca. Thought i’d pop in just to mention it. I had done this fix for my feed on the low side over a year ago. Thought i torqued the new well nut well enough on the return on the top side well enough where i wouldn’t need to spend the roughly $20 on...
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    MEP-802A fuel usage report

    Math isnt my strong point. How many oz 2 stroke to 5 gal of fuel please?
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    MEP-8xx wet stack info

    i thought i’d tell a quick story. This early/mid summer in the late afternoon, we lost power and internet when a storm rolled thru and a pine tree fell on power, which then pushed power into cable on the pole, a 1/5th of a mile down the road from my house. It was into the warm season and i...
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    forgive me for i have sinned !

    Care to share what you paid? Just curious what others bid on it. Also, i read your most recent posts. When you picked it up, there were no indications what it was removed from? If i had a bigger house, i’d love to purchase something skid mounted like that. I’d build a small shed for it and...
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    forgive me for i have sinned !

    What did it come out of? It seems to look very clean.
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    Royal Purple Break-In oil good for our MEP’s?

    Southern saratoga county. 10 miles north of albany.
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    Royal Purple Break-In oil good for our MEP’s?

    This weather is my jam. I used to live for the summer. Now i work outside all day for a living, and hate being soaked from sweat by 10am. As i’ve matured, i have grown to LOVE the fall. It just came a bit fast for me. It was 95° last week. It’s barely 61° right now. Even the dogs who also LOVE...
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    Royal Purple Break-In oil good for our MEP’s?

    Thank you both for replying. I agree and decided to hold off. My rush was because it was a CHILLY high 50’s in upstate NY this morning and it hasnt gotten much better. I wanted to turn on the 5k watt electric space heater i have in my garage. I figured it would be great to warm up the genset and...
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    Royal Purple Break-In oil good for our MEP’s?

    John deere dealer closed today. Want to change the oil on my low hour 802 and put in break in oil till 100 hrs. Local NAPA has quarts of Royal Purple Break-In oil. Pretty sure its 10w30 but i could be wrong. Is this oil good for my 802? THANKS!
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    Fuel level always showing full? MEP-802a Fuel level sending unit replacement.

    I should add that these replacement parts are stainless steel, and FAR superior to the oem parts. The floats are also made from different material which lasts way longer. Good for anyone whos mep’s are older. If you plan on, or have your genset apart, these parts are kinda almost cheap enough to...
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    Fuel level always showing full? MEP-802a Fuel level sending unit replacement.

    A couple months ago i noticed my fuel level on the guage was stuck at full even though the tank was almost empty. I went through the threads here and found the directions to the testing procedure for the guage. Then i decided, i’m way to lazy for that, and decided to make an educated decision...
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    MEP-903 Generator In S-805 Electronic Repair Shelter - Road To Startup

    Pretty cool. The fuel capacity being less than a gallon, i imagine this thing was made to run for short periods of time, only when required, and to pump out gobs of power when required for short periods of time.
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    Advantage or Disavantage of re-wired 400hz generator to 60hz?

    That sounds like a pure cob job of a put together parts genset. Something you would see in a Mad Max movie. Get your money back. Run from any other suggestions he may make. This is my opinion STRICTLY from what i have read hear so far. RUN.
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