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    816 hoist motor leak

    It comes apart but it's cheaper to buy a new one from eBay. There's brand new one for sale for 450 now.
  2. chrsbb19

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Well, it's official. My m816 is now all one color, took a few weeks to scrape off old loose paint on spray it with house paint in the shade of 383Green. Lol
  3. chrsbb19

    M816 Wrecker Air Filter & Batteries

    I purchased the battery's through Napa
  4. chrsbb19

    Nevada MV's unite!

    Lemorre California, Its like rite there:doghead:. M816 and down to wheel :driver:, Will be there after oct1st due to transfer orders:rules:.
  5. chrsbb19

    California members

    Ill be headin to lamoore California due to new orders, currently in the Navy and own an M816. I am interested in a rally, any ideas when the next one will be? I hope i dont miss it, not sure when it will arrive from Hawaii.
  6. chrsbb19

    What a challenge. M816 salvage

    Life altering sand blaster,i love it. Watch this, you wont regret it.
  7. chrsbb19

    What a challenge. M816 salvage

    i replaced the transmission poppet valve a while back and it bothered me that it was leaking. everything was working on it and the transfer case so i was unsure what it was. I decided to remove the transfer case air valve and was astonished, how the heck was this thing working? the seals were...
  8. chrsbb19

    What a challenge. M816 salvage

    Found a new hoist cable on ebay, installed and found a problem. The cable twisted at the end, so i unhooked it, stretched it back out and untwisted it again. So i sucked the cable back up and it finaly is perfect, greased the cable to prevent rusting.
  9. chrsbb19

    What a challenge. M816 salvage

    Below:Im in hawaii so finding the socket was imposable, and im not using a drift so i went to homedepot and found a 5in set of watter pump pliers. couldent move it by it self so i had to hold the handles together to get it off. Below:took the hub off to replace the wheel cylinder and...
  10. chrsbb19

    What a challenge. M816 salvage

    Ok so as promised, Her is my attempt at changing the rear hub seal Below:I was hoping the drum would slide off, originally i thought the wheel cylinder went out due to the massive leak only after i put in some break fluid witch latter on i found out i used the wrong kind. (ill fix it later)...
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    What a challenge. M816 salvage

    I've had a few inquiry's into some photos of my progress and I decided to make this post. I will update it as regularly as possible with images and how I found the best way for me to perform the task.
  12. chrsbb19

    Wrecker wishlist of mods

    Man i wish we had winter here, its just darn hot. Now im moving under orders to cali where its super darn hot, 115 in the day and 90 at midnight.aua
  13. chrsbb19

    Dual fuel tanks

    It should be simple. Even length tubing on both lines, no kinks and no loops. I still have the brass selector on my 816, thinking about switching it over but keeping the selector for a reserve tank.
  14. chrsbb19

    14.00R20 Super Singles to 11.00R20 duals

    Me Wanty... I have 11x20, set now. was wanting to do super singles but didnt do the research. Im moving to cali in oct, afre you willing to swap or can i get the info for new tires either 11x20's or super singles.
  15. chrsbb19

    New Member from CA

    I have added some basic photos to my profile, if you get a moment have a look.
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