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    PA 24 Volt Inverter for sale

    MRAP-356 | Outback 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger Outback 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger for 24 Volt vehicles NSN #: 6120-01-548-6345 Part #: FX2024M-FP $945.00
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    wiring adapter

    COM-3255 | Trailer Electrical Plug Converter 24 volt to 12 Volt converter Trailer Electrical voltage converter. Converts 12-pin 24 volt military trailer plug to 7-pin 12 volt. NSN #: Price: $1,075.00
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    11.00x20 tire chains

    here are some chain options we have in stock TI-235 | 365/85R20 Tire Chain Assembly Snow Chain Tire Chain Assembly for MRAP RG-31equipped with 365/85R20 Tires. Snow Chain Will also fit other vehicles with 365/85R20 Tires. NSN #: 2540-01-573-3913 Part #: 10669396-001 $199.00 ALL-5014-11 |...
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    Wanted: 5 ton Rockwell spindle (found)

    we have these in stock 5T-904 | Inner Axle Spindle Nut Inner Axle Spindle Nut for M54 Series M809 Series M939 M939A1 and M939A2 Series 5 Ton Trucks equipped with Front and Rear Rockwell 5 Ton Axle NSN #: 5310-00-353-2297, 5310-00-983-3454, 2530-00-211-6114, 5310-00-341-8771 Part #: R002426...
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    We have about 35 each M1025A2 with Good Pennsylvania Tittle already in hand M1025A2 GMV HMMWV for sale to the Public !!! JUST IN: M1025A2 GMV HMMWV’s Featuring 6.5L V8 Diesel Engine, 4-Speed Auto. Trans., On-road Title, Title years 1995 and Newer, Military Rebuild...
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    M61 5 ton fuel pump

    we have new tanks and pumps 5T-885 | 55 Gallon Fuel Tank, Steel 55 Gallon Fuel Tank for M51A2 5 Ton Dump Truck M52A2 Fifth Wheel Tractor and M543 5 Ton Wrecker Truck NSN #: 2910-00-410-5766 Part #: 10938203 Price: $475.00 COM-5203 | In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Only 24 Volt M35A2 24 volt...
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    PA M1070 Oshkosh HET Tractors for sale

    M1070 Oshkosh HET Prime Mover #1 M1070 Oshkosh HET Prime Mover Heavy Equipment Transport NSN #: 2320-01-318-9902 Price: $55,000.00 M1070 Oshkosh HET Prime Mover #2 M1070 Oshkosh HET Prime Mover Heavy Equipment Transport NSN #: 2320-01-318-9902 Price: $55,000.00 M1070 Oshkosh HET Prime Mover...
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    PA HMMWV Shelters and Ambulances for sale

    Just Arrived S788 style shelters and Ambulance bodies HM-989 | Ambulance Body for HMMWV HMMWV 2-Man Ambulance Body for M996 M996A1 HMMWV 1 1/4 Ton Trucks NSN #: $4,975.00 HM-909 | S-788 Shielded Electrical Equipment Shelter 788S 788 Gichner S-788 LMS (Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter)...
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    Fuel Truck

    2 options M50A2 Water Tanker 6x6 Multifeul Diesel Engine M50A2 Water Tanker 6x6 2 1/2 Ton Truck. 1,000 gallon capacity NSN #: 2320-00-077-1633 $11,250.00 Tanker Tank Trailer 6,000 Gallon E.D.Etnyre E.D.Etnyre Semi Water Tanker Trailer with pump NSN #: 3825-01-297-3357 $13,250.00
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    PA .30 Caliber M151 AM General MUTT Gun Mount with Support Legs - for sale

    M151-117 | Gun Mount - .30 Caliber M151 AM General MUTT Gun Mount with Support Legs M151 AM General MUTT Gun Mount with Support Legs For M151 1/4 Ton Utility Vehicles NSN #: Part #: 8712335 $695.00
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    Do you know the Part number or NSN? we may be able to help
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    Non Tactical Vehicle Wanted

    M151A2 AM General Jeep MUTT with M416 Trailer 4x4 Original Survivor Barn Find! Jeep M151A2 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck) AM General 4x4 All wheel drive. Includes soft top with doors and Roll Over Protection System (ROPS). Comes with M416 quarter ton trailer NSN #: 2320-01-264-4819...
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    What wheel is this?

    TI-258 | 16 Stud 8 Hole Wheel / Rim - Commercial Truck - GM Kodiak 16 Stud 8 Hole Wheel / Rim for Chevrolet Kodiak 4500 Application and MRAP RG 31 CAT I and MRAP JERRV NSN #: $399.00
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    Roofs removed from the 11XX Slant Backs(?)

    These tops sell pretty well for people willing to do some fabrication- not a perfect fit, but it is so heavy and rigid- if you are looking for a roof only, it is a good option............. HM-3758 | HMMWV Hard Top Roof Panel M1114 HMMWV Hard Top Roof Panel NSN #: 2510-01-434-6626 Part #...
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