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    WTB CUCV Pickup Rear Bumper Assembly.

    You may try Hillbilly Wizard and see what they have. He is a member here also.
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    Tranny, starter, or something else?

    Yes it was, I thought that I would not take the credit from someone else, that stated a stone cold fact.
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    Tranny, starter, or something else?

    Sorry I would not use 4inch bolts to do the job anyway. Nothing I have read makes me think that the flywheel is damaged. Now the man is unbolting the trans to replace the flywheel. It will not hurt to replace. I could give many reasons for the engine not turning over. And to eliminate any...
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    Brake Issues

    Enjoy the work. The reaction of one foot.
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    Tranny, starter, or something else?

    Blocking the engine on the oil pan as to not push in bottom with a 2x6 and a small hydraulic jack will help articulate the angles of both assemblies, trans and engine, so that the angles line up on assembly and to disassemble without getting into a bind, sliding on the pilot bolts much easier...
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    Glow Plug Module Problem

    CUCV Diagnostic plug under dash, is that the wire you are talking about?
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    Glow Plug Module Problem

    Have you separated the the fuse box yet? Look to see if the connections in the box are clean of the water protection paste. I took mine and separated the box and cleaned the contact points up, enough to make the contacts work and put mine back together and cured allot of my wire problems.
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    New Member have read the rules but its not clear to post my question. Or join appropriate forum. :)

    Hello jgilman, you posted on an old thread. You need to open a NEW thread about your problems and allot of Troops with information will be by to help. But you need to open a new thread. Welcome from Missouri!
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    New Member have read the rules but its not clear to post my question. Or join appropriate forum. :)

    Welcome At @Guyfang He comes on later at night being just east of us.
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2020 - June VOTE HERE

    Congratulations to Bill, Jan, MUTT on keeping History alive.
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    New guy from Tennessee

    Welcome from Missouri! Looks like you got a runner there. Someone has been visiting as the spark wires do not look real old. My advise is to check the fuel and if it is old then do not even try to start with that fuel. Get some fuel line put it into a fresh can of fuel and hook up to the fuel...
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    Coolant in oil help plz

    I just want to say Rutjes that it is great when someone posts useful information without having to write blocks of paragraphs. Also the library of information here on the site is very useful as well. That is what brings me here to SS time and again, knowledge.
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    Coolant in oil help plz

    I have used permatex no.2 for over 40 years on every head bolt or stud I have ever removed and or replaced. I have never had one leak. Even when using ARP on my HP engines I use permatex no.2. I am sure that there is other newer sealants but why change what works.
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    Grounding Woe's

    Glad that you found the problem. That is the reason I always suggest to look at the bulbs and sockets over closely. Water seepage is the primary reason for socket failures. Look at the lens gaskets close as when they crack or are missing water gets blown in when traveling and from idle...
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    Colorado M1101

    How do the ride heights compare to each other?
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