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  1. DAC112UDM

    New guy in NY

    Ive been eyeballing that thing for a while....its like a tease every time I go to 7-11 lol.
  2. DAC112UDM

    New guy in NY

    Im in the worst part that isnt the city lol...Rockland
  3. DAC112UDM

    New guy in NY

    And of course, she blew a hose...Its the heater core (again) so Im hoping it wont be an issue. It wont even stop me from a short drive here and there once the cold comes in, since the engine runs very cool as it is. Just a weak Romanian made hose... Never a dull moment, or a moment where Im not...
  4. DAC112UDM

    "Military" Rocar bus from Romania

    Hey guys. I wanted to introduce my second bus. At first glance it looks like a typical Romanian bus used for airport shuttling. "But, but,but, you said military!" Well, the marking on it, are Romavia. Aviation enthusiasts know this "company" as it operated RomBAC 1-11 and B707s all ex Tarom or...
  5. DAC112UDM

    New guy in NY

    Thanks again for the welcome, and the info (which I just re-read). I was absent , but I dont plan on being one of the one post newbies. I had some medical issues courtesy of the VA, as well as truoble registering the bus (Im at the getting historic plates part at least...) plus a massive issue...
  6. DAC112UDM

    New guy in NY

    Thanks for all the welcomes. I will try to answer some of the questions, but I didnt expect quite so many replies. Yes, my bus has the same type of wheel as the deuce. In fact, for a brief moment I thought they were identical until I remembered that mine has 335mm diameter for the lugs, ie...
  7. DAC112UDM

    Looking for the specific difference between "Split Rings" and "Split Rims/Widowmaker"

    Hello all. After reading this and just about anything I can find on split ring wheels, I am left with a question. Why do you have to deflate the tire before removing it? Obviously if youre changing tires, its a no brainer. But if you are simply rotating or doing a break job, why deflate? I...
  8. DAC112UDM

    New guy in NY

    Ok, first of all...I dont have a deuce. Wish I did (and maybe soon I will), but for now I have to settle for the half dozen cars I have :D The reason Im here is that the deuce and a half is the closest to my next toy. It a 1993 DAC 112UDM city bus...from Romania (Long story how an Air Force...
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