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    New Member 1984 m1010 charging issue

    It is always nice to have more cranking amps, but two matched 650s will likely meet your needs for the truck chassis, especially seeing you are in CA and not as likely to have to deal with very cold weather starts. If you have to replace one though, I'd get the highest amp set of batteries you...
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    New Member 1984 m1010 charging issue

    The lower rated battery is not contributing to the problem, as long as they are matching. I would recommend testing the voltage coming into each of the batteries while it is running to see what is going on. Seems like you have sort of a hybrid or half conversion of the 1010 system, with 1 12V...
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    Fuel issue??

    Maybe the IP, would check other things before replaceing out of hand. Could be air leak in many places in line or filter, lift pump failure, clogged or broken pick up tube in tank. I recently had one where the seam in lift pump body was the source of air leak, which was a first for me, took...
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    Tranny, starter, or something else?

    I don't think you should assume you need to do the Heli coil yet. From your picture it looks like the broken starter bolt should come out and threads may be OK. Often times they come out with little resistance. I'd start with a reverse drill bit, more than half the time that works. Next...
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    Tranny, starter, or something else?

    My guess is flex plate got bent when starting with only one bolt. It should have same clearance on both sides.
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    Tranny, starter, or something else?

    Not to mention the Heli coil starter mount thread repair and broken block at starter mount flange lesson. Had the first one, know a guy who junked an otherwise running engine over the second. I reccomend changing both bolts every time I change the starter if I was not the mechanic putting in...
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    I need an online source for self etching primer and scrungie type sanding medium.

    This is the commercial grade stuff, it is a two part system, so remember to buy converter too, and have good breathing protection. Comes in quarts and gallons.
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    MEP-003A question

    It is possible to remove control and output boxes, re wire the 12 leads from generator and get split phase 220V. That would make it similar to the civilian Onan model DJE (I think). You would also have to provide a new voltage regulator (AVR) and the battery charging circuit would have to be...
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    Question about where to post some old photos

    Don't think I have access to that. These are just govt issued pics of mostly tanks & half tracks in training or testing stateside. Might not even be interesting, but current situation has me less employed than normal, so wasting time.
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    Question about where to post some old photos

    Hi, I came across a collection of WW2 pictures my dad collected when he was a kid during the war. Most of these are official govt PR sort of pictures he either bought or sent away for, as opposed to actual historic photos (unless you count ship launchings). There are lots of pictures of ships...
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    7th Marines M1008

    Hope this works out for you. Am familiar with frame off restorations, frame apart not as common.
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    7th Marines M1008

    How are you going to fasten frame together again? Grade 8 bolts should be strong enough, but not sure if they will hold frame rigid. One of mine had its rivets loosen up, probably due to heavy load over very uneven terrain. The frame now has some flex, which some of the rock crawlers like...
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    Requesting expert opinions on if this M38 is a good choice to buy

    Looks like a nice M-38, might be worth $8,500. If it has no title, would want to be sure it is seller's to sell. Whether or not you need title to register on older stuff varies by state. I'd pay close attention to the body, its channel frames, etc. Might even be a reproduction body. but...
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    Motor Oil - Synthetic or Rotella?

    One reason to run regular 15-40 in these is they are older generation diesels and the best way to keep their innards clean is to change oil. The synthetics last a lot longer, but they still load up with combustion contaminants, so to keep motor clean, oil changes have to be more frequent than...
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    intermediate starting issue

    Agree, I'd check for air leak first. Especially if problem mainly occurs on first start of day. It will often not show up as visible leak. If you bleed top of filter housing when problem is occurring, and you get air bubbles, you know to look further for leak. Shut off solenoid is also easy...
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