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    What is this?

    Anybody have any ideas what this is? Got two of them in a box of parts for a deuce, no idea what it is. Appears to have the number BE67723308 stamped into the metal casing, but my eyes are old and even with my magnifying glass I could not be sure. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the pics both the...
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    Trailer Slave Cable

    Is this the cable that you speak of? About 20 feet long? If not the one you need, do you know what this one is?
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    Please help. advice for where to park a 5 ton in Virginia Beach.

    Do they have any storage rental places with outside storage there?
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    CTIS 5 flashing lights, no air leaks, no mechanical faults.

    You can do the continuity test that is specified in the TM. Only requires a continuity tester, couple bucks at Auto Zone. If you need a solenoid, this should be the part.
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    What does this mean?

    okay, thanks to all. I did not think it was rebuilt.
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    What does this mean?

    Found the attached sticker on the front of my M931. Is this the price it was purchased for in 1990, or is this the price of the rebuild. I cannot find a sticker for the rebuild, only this. Thanks
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    5 ton help

    I looked for an answer and found nothing. On the left side of the cab, just below the dash, I have a tube with a cable inside of it. It is looped on the end. I thought it was for the fording , but the TMs say that is on the right side of the dash. I have an M931. Any ideas?
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    M923 Charging Issue

    Okay, I read the TM and could not get any insight. My alternator was putting out 26 volts, but I was only reading 23.8 at the batteries. I adjusted the alternator up to 29 volts, just under the maximum. The batteries are still reading 23.8. Is this normal, or is there something wrong. Looks like...
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    M923a1 alternator voltage gauge readings

    Okay, thanks for that. I only disconnected it so I would read alternator output and not read the battery charge . So, it is hooked up now, and I am just a volt or two over specs. So I will try again and leave my batteries connected. Thanks for you input.
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    M923a1 alternator voltage gauge readings

    Thanks for all the info. Followed the procedure, but could only get my alternator down to 30 volts, figured that was a lot closer than the 35 it was at. So, I reconnected the battery cable, I had disconnected it with the truck running. All good. Then I noticed the dash gauge, which had been...
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