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    Am-1780 squeal

    Ok, thanks, what I needed to know.
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    Am-1780 squeal

    I bought an NOS unit off ebay. Plugged it in and there is a squeal on the audio regardless of what socket I plug the C-2298 boxs into. Suggestions please as to the cause? Hopefully I can just do a module swap from a dead 1780. Thanks Doug
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    M8 Greyhound help

    Phil He needs the correct pump for the Greyhound. It was unique to that vehicle. Regards Doug
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    M8 Greyhound help

    You need the special Greyhound version of the oil pump. Try Brent Mullins, but be warned, the one he sold me had been dropped and teeth were chipped off the drive cog. I didn't find that out until I de-cosmolined it.
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    WTH, Found a tank today.

    Augdog1964 please clear your message box as it is full and I cannot get a message through to you! Or alternately, please email me at
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    Periscope help M17C, M26 M45

    Yes and yes. Email me for details.
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    This is an M20, isnt it?

    I rebuilt the hydraulic throttle on my Greyhound in roughly 1991 when I got it, then had to bleed it around 2001. Haven't touched it since other than to top off the brake fluid in it. Why does everyone make this into such a nightmare? Replace the shaft seals on both pedal cylinder and slave...
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    Manuals - APC, C&R Lynx etc

    Hello Would anyone have M113A1 manuals either electronic or paper for any of these vehicles? M113A1 APC C&R Lynx Thanks Doug
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    Task 1,2,3...4 on FV 432

    I was pleased to hear you telling Benny to keep those sticks forward. Way too many people ride the sticks on controlled diff vehicles and glace the steering brakes. It doesn't take much to do it, then ever after the steering responds poorly, then bites unexpectedly on steering inputs. Regards Doug
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    Question about torsion bars

    Hello John Greetings from the drought in central Oz. Was 40 deg C yesterday, not fun when it goes past 40. Regards Doug
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    Question about torsion bars

    Matt I think it is very odd that your torsion bars are neither painted or wrapped. What you are describing is a device that is an alternative to the grease nipple. You filled the cups and then could do a grease job without the need for a grease gun. However, they are large and vulnerable, so...
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    Question about torsion bars

    John Somewhere "out there" (on the web) is the account of the Aussie trials of the M113 against the FV-432 - both were initial production petrol engined versions. Apparently, the M113 crews could do their after use maintenance, sit down, cook dinner and clean up and then relax in the same time...
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    Question about torsion bars

    G'day John "Delightfully British" huh? Never seen it put that way before, or as politely..... :-) Technically, it is oh so logical, but practicality? But why were they suddenly so enamored of a universal TB I wonder, especially one that has to be maintained? I have not heard of any other TB...
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    Question about torsion bars

    What is your name by the way? Easy with an M113, and as far as I know it also applies to M548: there is an extra spline missing, they only go "in" one position. So FV-432 is like a Saracen/Saladin suspension huh? = Nothing is easy. Someone once told me that an FV-432 has 3 x the number of...
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    Question about torsion bars

    Hello > You'll note that I'm in NZ, not US. The museum I volunteer at is the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) in Auckland ( ) where I manage the Military Section workshop. I take it you are still located on that hill a couple of miles from the main MOTAT? Many times...
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