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    Surging, stumble and stall

    This Mack was/is old school. No pcm,computers,emissions crap. Still on the job in my former business. The problem was in the ip.
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    Surging, stumble and stall

    Years ago I had a Mack with similar issues. I finnaly called a heavy truck repair shop and was told I better get it in for repair ASAP. They recommended towing. Not wanting a big towing bill,I opted to have a driver take it to the shop. Big mistake. On the way,the IP went to WOT and trashed the...
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    HMMWVs in Ukraine

    So sad that Ukrainian forces served/fought in Kosovo and Iraq and now are alone in their fight against Russia.
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    I also found the M/T tires to be better in deep snow than the baha’s. I’m sure some of it has to do with the baha’s heavier ply rating.
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    Fuel additives for cold weather and/or storage

    I have no idea why anyone,past or present would add gas to diesel. I’ve had heavy trucks for decades and never heard of this. Sounds like “an old truckers tale” like the reason truckers leave thier trucks running is “because it takes more fuel to start them than to leave them run”.Why experiment...
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    Heads up/NOCO chargers are 50% off at Amazon today (11-29-21)

    Mogman is 100% correct. Any heavy duty diesel shop will tell you that when you have a weak battery in a multiple setup,be it 2,3,or 4 batteries,you ALWAYS should replace all batteries in the system. If you only replace the weak battery,you will be constantly be “chasing “batteries as the others...
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    Really dirty gas tank, hope yours is not.

    You put the old fuel back in??
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    Humvee Front Bumper Question

    I agree,but it must have been a popular field mod. Mine came that way and I’ve seen several others over the years. Maybe one particular base?
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    6.2L rough start in cold temperatures

    It hasn’t been that cold yet in pa. I’ve never used block heaters ect and never had issues starting at 0. Yes,at colder temps they do knock and clatter a little more,but this is normal. Below 0 can get a little iffy with any diesel But we’re not there yet. I’d look at your entire starting...
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    Throttle stuck at 50% - Help Please

    X2 what RWH said. I lost a Mack engine same way. Stuck on WOT and driver didn’t know how to shut off fuel.
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    Hard Start, white smoke despite good glowplugs and 24v at each lead??

    White smoke tells me 2 things; It’s getting fuel Bad glow plug or plugs. Are you sure you checked all 8? In cold weather it only takes 1 bad plug to cause hard starting,especially on a worn engine.
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    RPM question while driving

    Mines 2000@40,2500@50,3000@60. So yes
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    Hmmwv Blue Smoke and Stutter on Startup

    It’s hard to diagnose “from afar”,but from what you have described,it sounds to me like normal cold weather diesel start up. But it doesn’t hurt to check the glow plugs.
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    HMMWV M998 Front Bumper Aux. Lights

    I did a similar install. Cops don’t like them. Too bright. Off road or you’d better turn them off for on-coming traffic. Maybe could be wired to turn off with dimmer switch?
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    What is this ?

    Ha,ha,very funny.
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