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    Throttle stuck at 50% - Help Please

    X2 what RWH said. I lost a Mack engine same way. Stuck on WOT and driver didn’t know how to shut off fuel.
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    Hard Start, white smoke despite good glowplugs and 24v at each lead??

    White smoke tells me 2 things; It’s getting fuel Bad glow plug or plugs. Are you sure you checked all 8? In cold weather it only takes 1 bad plug to cause hard starting,especially on a worn engine.
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    RPM question while driving

    Mines 2000@40,2500@50,3000@60. So yes
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    Hmmwv Blue Smoke and Stutter on Startup

    It’s hard to diagnose “from afar”,but from what you have described,it sounds to me like normal cold weather diesel start up. But it doesn’t hurt to check the glow plugs.
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    HMMWV M998 Front Bumper Aux. Lights

    I did a similar install. Cops don’t like them. Too bright. Off road or you’d better turn them off for on-coming traffic. Maybe could be wired to turn off with dimmer switch?
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    What is this ?

    Ha,ha,very funny.
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    Please Don't Squeeze The HMMWV! AKA Used My Visa To Make A SuperCharge

    How is a super charger going to increase the road speed?
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    M998 Starter installation

    As the starter goes in,it has to be rotated slightly to go past the frame. I don’t see how a jack can help. I had a buddy help me lift into place.
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    Keyed ignition question

    I purchased a plug and keyed switch from one of the venders whom advertise here about 5 years ago. I’ve had no issues with it. However,I also make sure my glow plugs are ALL working 100%.With that said,my truck starts instantly, so there’s no long cranking to over heat a switch. It is my...
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    MEP003A Starts, but then stops either when starter released or after about 20 minutes running

    I hope you didn’t find out the hard way that the switch was doing it’s job. My switch was faulty.replaced it and all is good now.
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    My 003a won’t stay running

    Ok guys,I found the time today to check things out. Jumped the lop switch and it fired right up! Robbed a switch off another motor and all is good. Also did a little pm and changed the oil and filter. Thanks for the help. You guys are great!
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    My 003a won’t stay running

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll checkout the sensors first chance i get. Oil pressure has always been good,but to be honest,I never looked when this started. I’ve got a couple of “take out” motors I can rob sensors from. What is “ lop”?
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    My 003a won’t stay running

    I was running my Mep 003 during a power outage when it suddenly quit. The fuel pump was still running/pumping,but the engine just stopped. I turned the start switch and it fired right back up and continued to run until I shut it off after the power outage (4 hours). Yesterday we had another...
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    New M998 Owner - White-Blue Smoke

    No,it’s not “normal”. Blue smoke indicates excessive oil consumption. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just check your oil level often.
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    Gearing up my M998 for Alaska

    Fuel distributors in northern climates “cut” their diesel with kerosene to combat “gelling”. The further north,the more kero is mixed. In all my years with heavy trucks,I never had any problems running the “cut”fuel available. However,with that said,I always added anti gel additives if the temps...
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