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    MEP-003A hook up question

    If you have a 3 pole tansfer switch you don't have to switch the neutral. I'd recommend only switching the two hots.
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    MEP803A Dead Panel

    Exercise the Estop button a few times.
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    Batteries dead?
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    803 not generating

    You may be better off to take it to a machine shop and have them weld it up then turn it back down to spec. I have a spare flywheel that I'm going to be using for a project and I can tell you they are crazy expensive when you can find one.
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    MEP-802/803/831 Generator Control & Parameter Monitor by WIFI Demo

    On an 803 I've tested it to ~600' line of sight.
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    MEP-802/803/831 Generator Control & Parameter Monitor by WIFI Demo

    If you absolutely have to access it via another network you can setup a RaspberryPi using the graphical version of RPi OS. You'd use the RPi's WIFI to connect to the generator controller and its LAN connector to connect to your main network. You would use a remote desktop app to view the...
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    MEP-802A/803A S1 Master Switch Source - Electroswitch

    I'm glad I bought a spare before the price increase.
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    Wiring my MEP-804a to run single phase

    Unfortunately I don't have anything to share since I've not had the opportunity to look at the stator wiring myself. I expect if anyone can do it a good motor shop can. Be sure to let us know if they figure it out.
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    Need a 803a engine

    I I don't recommend them at all. What I received from them was not what was promised. The photos they sent were not of the engine I received even though they said it was. Parts had been recently removed. I paid way too much for what I got.
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    I'd replace the factory one with a "wet locations" GFCI.
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    MEP-802A/803A S1 Master Switch Source - Electroswitch

    That is correct. It is a bare switch.
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    MEP-802A/803A S1 Master Switch Source - Electroswitch

    I did order a switch last year to replace a broken one. I would order from Electroswitch.
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    Three phase / Single phase

    I would recommend a generator of the right type and size to do the job. Paralleling two 804s then using them as single phase is not optimal. If you go with the advised derating you will be around 16kw continuous out of two generators. I'm sure you can find a civilian generator in the 20kw...
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