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    700R4 transmission in a HMMWV

    Is dirtyboyz still selling these? I think their website is down?
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    Exhaust / muffler rusted out.. what parts do I need?

    Went to drive it for the first time in a few months and then it got real loud. Came back home and saw this. Can anyone tell me which parts I should order to repair? The whole Y pipe area looks fine it's just in that spot that it went out. 6.5 non turbo A1 I think I just need part #2990011883281...
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    Odyssey PC2250ST 6tl the bad? best seller?

    Funny that I had just posted in this thread about my otpimas and had an "oops". I was hooking my ibis tek light bar up and I dropped one of the battery hold down bolts and it arc'd against the positive terminal and body of the HMMWV. Had some smoke coming out from the vehicle light switch area...
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    Odyssey PC2250ST 6tl the bad? best seller?

    I ended up replacing my dead hawkers with Otpima batteries and used the 6T adapter plate very happy with the result.
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    New Paint GMV

    I'm almost positive someone is going to have a heart attack when they read what you're doing to this thing.. Are you open to trading for another HMMWV that is closer to what you're looking for? I think there are probably a few members that would love a GMV.
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    New Paint GMV

    Not stock is ok but I'd at least get the right turret support and C Pillar.
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    New Paint GMV

    Kinda hurts to see a GMV being put together with the wrong parts.
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    Windshield Wiper Pivot Assembly Installation – Need Help Removing Arm from Pivot Ball

    Spray lubricant on it and pull harder
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    GoDove HMMWV GMV, Anyone get EUC?

    Is that the correct C Pillar? I thought all GMVs used the H C Pillar and weapon support
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    GoDove HMMWV GMV, Anyone get EUC?

    Why not just take the roof off before you bring it home? There should only be what.. 2 bolts holding it now now?
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    Legal issues driving on street with turret cupola

    I've driven a friends m1114 with cupola around and never had issues.
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    Completely stumped. Will not cold start and put all new parts on it.

    Not sure but have you tried a new smart start box?
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    M1025A2's who bought one of the 8

    Usually you can find them on g503 and the facebook groups, occasionally the big auction site.
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    M1025A2's who bought one of the 8

    I'd be asking for 2-3K for a new B pillar and ring.
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    Plasti-dip over CARC?

    I doubt it will peel off easily.. but both Xylene and MEK will strip it off quick.
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