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    Transmission seal leak

    Don't despair!, That seal is not so hard a fix. (All?) you need do is move that gearbox back, not remove it entirely...BUT, Why not try : : BlueDevil Transmission Sealer in your transmission to rejuvenate the front ...
  2. dmetalmiki

    Another WC63 found...

    Well worth taking on as a project. give it a first paint of green, see the the change, and go for the total restoration.
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    Fuel issue questions on in line fuel pump

    The deuce will run without the in tank pump if bled. BUT, that is only if there are no issues with the in tank pickup. As mentioned before, Check the state of the pick up and lines.
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2020 - June VOTE HERE

    After the ditch saga I have finally succeed in the repair and restoration of my M62 Wrecker Truck. (And humbly submit it).
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    What have you done to your JEEP today

    I am trying to fabricate a generator and housing for My jeep of many years, Unless someone in the community knows of a working or not Radio/engineering generator mounts and housing box that goes between the seats of the original war time radio jeep. My jeep has the power take off engage levers...
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    MV of the Month June 2020

    I would have done..But, The Ural was 'taken out' by a rogue wrangler! (And, unfortunately 'Tiny gpw11' was a casualty there at the time while he was carrying out stencil work on it). The Ural can be fixed. Tinygpw 11is on the mend. When he is able once more he says he is going to fix the Ural...
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    If I was over there, Or, If that truck was over here, I would purchase it in a trice! A truly beautiful looking and original truck, It should not be parted out.
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    I can't believe what you are saying!!..... KEEP the truck as an M45 The difference of stance and appearance at shows and events would be reward enough. Or,l sell it or swap it for a truck you need/like/ have to have. RARE vehicles should be preserved as is. If you fit a turbo on it it will out...
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    Three Ring Pistons v. Four Ring Pistons?

    6 'pots' = 6 same ring component. balance and compression.
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    I could have cut the door in half..But...

    People kept clonking the door on the extinguishers mounted on the step. Benny M45 suggested cutting down the thing. They are all 'live' however, (Every bit of kit on this truck is fully functional and operable). So, I went another route and cut the step and fitted the extinguisher further down...
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    Favorite noise your deuce makes

    'Ya gott'a be kiddin', Noise?, What noise?.... OOOOOOOO! (Simply) ALL of 'em! I simply can't get over this video..... kin unbeeleev a bull!
  12. dmetalmiki

    Old Guy, New Member, Western South Dakota

    'Never' too old to join the hobby, Welcome.
  13. dmetalmiki

    the Ural Motorcycle

    He has a hospital visit Tuesday, I will report on the findings. He is making slow and steady progress at home though. I spent some time with him friday, And took the fire tuck to his home (With noises!) And an X box game to lift his spirits.
  14. dmetalmiki

    New guy from Charleston SC

    Welcome to the site, Hobby. Friendships and events to come.
  15. dmetalmiki

    the Ural Motorcycle

    The 'Gang here can't wait for your cheerful and dedicated approach to tasks around the place again. Get well soon, 'TEK der pilz'💂‍♂️ I sent you, Rub in the cream, Eat, Sleep, We will be visiting you soon.
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