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  1. dronsen

    Please help identify an FMTV manual

    I am happy to scan and post PDF's same day - please PM me - thanks!
  2. dronsen

    Help with dimensions please

    Hi Group- Can someone please help me by providing the height of the cargo floor from the ground on an MK23 or MK25? THANK YOU
  3. dronsen

    Awesome FMTV snow moving machine

    Acela Truck Company makes the snow plow mounts
  4. dronsen

    Awesome FMTV snow moving machine

    here's another!
  5. dronsen

    New MTVR Forum on SS

  6. dronsen

    MTVR TM's

    I haven't been able to find IETM's for MTVR's yet, however I did locate this training manual that I thought all of the new MTVR owners might get some value from. If anyone locates TM's, please share. Thanks
  7. dronsen

    What have you done to your FMTV or LMTV today

    Do you have mfg/part number for mirrors? pix of install? thanks!
  8. dronsen

    rear windows for the m1078

    Acela Truck Company offers a rear window on their trucks...and a pretty cool 3-bale dumping bale bed for FMTV's
  9. dronsen

    FMTV High Speed Gears

    Where are these new gears available? thanks
  10. dronsen

    Anyone swap out their steering wheel?

    Ohiobenz...what are you referring to? who is marketing what that we can't get?? thanks
  11. dronsen

    Looking for MTV cargo bed in Houston, TX or close by?

    anyone out there have a cargo bed (I actually only need the flatbed part) for an MTV (6x6) - standard length (1083) or extended (1085 or 1086) will work... THANK YOU!
  12. dronsen

    MTV1086 Exodus Expeditionary Trucks (M1086)

  13. dronsen

    Caiman mrap aluminum rims

    We have access to several hundred of well as new orings and valves... I didn't think there was a market... I can post pix later Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. dronsen

    1078 Pre Fording Plug Locations

    Scott- See page from TM attached for location/setup. Axle vents all run to inside of frame rails - location depends on model.
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