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    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    Fair winds and following seas shipmate. We have the watch.
  2. DUG

    Mobile Alabama was STUCK

    It's out now.
  3. DUG

    2.5 Locking hubs group buy

    Mine arrived a little while ago. Box was beat and battered, with one side split open, but everything was there. 20 minute install and most of that was getting out the tools and putting them away. Thanks to kearns for posting the torque specs, that saved me another 10 minutes. The test drive...
  4. DUG

    Moderator Help

    I'm here and I'm a junior assistant understudy mod. PM me if you need help.
  5. DUG

    HMMWV's for sale, no longer maybe, it happened

    There is no suggestion of breaking the law in this thread because the MODs have already DELETED those posts.
  6. DUG

    winch mounting bolts for M35A2

    I got mine from White Owl. Used, but clean for 80 bucks.
  7. DUG

    No oil pressure blues - simple fix

    Look, all I'm saying is if you knew a guy who owed Gimp some money and you haven't seen him around in awhile, well...................................................................
  8. DUG

    No oil pressure blues - simple fix

    I'm no dummy. I never post publicly until the statue of limitations has run out.
  9. DUG

    No oil pressure blues - simple fix

    We were heading north on a packed I15 freeway out of San Diego on Veterans' Day after I had hosted the San Diego Department of Veterans Affairs and their families like I have for the past several years. About 25 miles into the return trip with 50 miles to go the oil pressure gauge dropped to...
  10. DUG

    Does anybody know what happend to TM America

    Tell him DUG says hello. I've used his alternator setup for 3-4 years now with zero problems.
  11. DUG

    What mods would you say are the most important or give the most utility to a deuce?

    My best mod was a towbar and a list of friends with 5 tons. Never used, it, but it makes me feel warm and happy having it.
  12. DUG

    Deuce Venders ?
  13. DUG

    Camp Dirtbag IV in So Cal

    Have you been to the crashed H53A on Toro Peak?
  14. DUG

    Towing a 12 volt trailer with the deuce - please help.

    As posted elsewhere, our troops scout trailer was stolen last weekend. We have a premier campout coming up on the 21st about 250 miles away in the desert. It is a windy area and we have a contact who loans us a Base X 200 tent for the boys to sleep in. We put our female leaders and Venture...
  15. DUG

    California owners

    Yes, that is the law as I have always understood it. I got confused with two topics going on in one thread.
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