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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Changed the Transmission Fluid/Filter/Gasket. Went pretty smooth, but hoped it would cure the low power the '09 was having- even low hills quickly reduce my speed to 45 MAX MPH. I thought maybe clogged filter or leaky trans filter tube. NOPE. I'm changing the spin on to an AC Delco base. The...
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    Secret for installing a lift pump...

    The last two pumps I installed (Delphi) went in just as the others I've replaced in Chevys and Fords over the years. The last two, though slipped around on the end of the crack rod. It was up as far as it would go- held in place after freezing the rod and adding a dose of heavy grease to it...
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    Power loss on hills and above 35 MPH

    cucvrus, thanks again- from your previous posts on correct lift pumps, I chose as I posted above. I do understand that the lever should be pumping from any pressure applied, but I wasn't able to depress the lever by hand- even a little so I couldn't be sure. The j-code Delphi p/n I gave, does it...
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    Power loss on hills and above 35 MPH

    cucvrus: Fuel Lift Pump-VIN: J, DIESEL, FI AUTOZONE/DELPHI CHFP906 (THEEbay) is the one I installed. As I recall the spring is on TOP at the rearmost of the lever deep in the housing. Is this the correct one? I offer thanks for all responses so far. I want to be sure I have the correct pump...
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    Where Do I Buy CARC Paint?

    I bought mine at Sherwin Williams- not a retail store. I went to the industrial SW supply. I took a Purchase Order with the Type II number on it and the reducer number. They entered it, asked me if I had an account. I said "no, I'll pay cash." In and out in ten minutes.
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    Power loss on hills and above 35 MPH

    Over the last week I noticed a lack of power over 35-40 MPH. I can get more speed, but very slowly have to work up to it. If I get on the freeway and try to maintain 60ish, I get vibration and shutter. I've read as many posts as I could find here and have already changed out the spin-on fuel...
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    Diesel Purge Directions

    I've used Liqui Moly OR Lubro Moly and done this a couple of time in the past. I use to have a link to the hose setup, but I can't find a working link any longer. Does anyone have a description of what goes where in order to feed the can of Diesel Purge directly to the IP while putting the...
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    Broken Starter Bolt removed. Easiest method I've found.

    Broke off a starter bolt. Here's a video I made of me extracting it without drilling or tapping in extractors. Not my idea- I found a Youtube video from a Mercedes Mechanic that had similar problem with his Suburban. His mechanic came up with this field expedient method. The pick I used was a...
  9. edpdx

    Possible rear main leak fakeout.

    I'm gonna check your diagnosis in the morning. I don't think you're wrong, but is your place fenced... I have dogs. ;)
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    Possible rear main leak fakeout.

    I've noticed a leak under the Blazer that looks like it comes from the area ahead of the torque converter. While pulling my Vacuum pump to replace the POD, I see the gasket is just a memory. It's pouring rain here in Oregon, so I'll have to see later if the cause of the oil leak might have been...
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    Rear Main Oil leak on M1009. Could the oil cause shifting issues?

    So, the transmission seems to be the issue- separate from the oil leak. Ok. Over the years I've heard people with GM transmissions say "Oh, they can go in and tighten the bands," when talking about "slipping" transmissions. I've never had a transmission shop ever tell me that's what was needed...
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    Rear Main Oil leak on M1009. Could the oil cause shifting issues?

    During a 500 mile Road Trip I experienced what felt like stuck-in 2nd on the freeway. The sound just did not seem high enough, and there was a floor felt rumble. I thought I might not yet have shifted into 3rd. After sever miles, the pitch went up and, at least felt like 3rd. Any reason to...
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    Shuddering above 25 mph...

    The driveshaft once it starts to vibrate becomes worse and worse. Mine felt wrong about 20 miles into a 350 mile road trip home. I squeezed the last hundred miles, but made it home. It was the u-joint at the differential. I had replaced it less than 2 years back, but I hosed the pinion yoke...
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    M1009 Brake and Turn Signal creeping crawler FIX

    So after checking grounds and replacing brake/signal lamp sockets on my M1009 because of intermittent failure that turned to abject failure, I finally figured out what exactly the problems was. The OEM socket, seen here with a metal ring flange that the bulb lugs lock into, had become corroded...
  15. edpdx

    Does anyone else get poor readings from 6.2 added temp gauge?

    After adding a gauge on the passenger side- removing the block off plate and adding the bung and thermostat switch, I seldom get a temp reading on the new gauge. Seems like the switch is too short to contact the coolant. Any one else have a 100% dependable gauge? What brand?
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