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    Cage brake spring brake chamber danger

    I wanted to post this here to show something I've always known could happen, though I had never seen it happen before. I always say that caged brakes should be treated like a loaded gun with no safety as well a bomb with a timer counting down, a timer that you cannot see. A few weeks ago, I...
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    Torque arm and brake problems out in a field

    I'm a few hours away from you in Mountain Home. But, I used to live in Memphis long ago and that's how I got into these big trucks. I was exploring a new area of the city and ran across Memphis Equipment, so I stopped to look. After that, just had to have 1 or 5+ big military trucks.
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    Torque arm and brake problems out in a field

    Thanks guys. Glad to have some reassurance that the hub stuff can wait. Jacking that into place is a much better idea than using a truck. I'll be able to keep an eye on it using the jack. The front wheels will be chocked as well. I mentioned chocking the driver's side rear wheel because...
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    Torque arm and brake problems out in a field

    My 929 has been stuck out in a field for a while now. The torque arm on the rear axle pulled loose and messed up something with the brakes (or maybe the brakes messed up first and pulled off the torque arm). Anyway, this happened out in the middle of a field about 40 miles away. I fixed a...
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    DEUCE BRAKE LINE REFERENCE GUIDE (Sizes, lengths, fittings)

    Thanks a million. I was trying to piece all this info together over a couple weeks before a Google search brought me to this thread.
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    Help Identify a trailer found in a field

    I have one of these too. I found this thread while trying to figure out what it's worth and search for a few missing pieces (now I'm pretty sure I'll never find them). I only recently realized these are fairly rare, so I decided to restore it. Here are a few pics and the info plates for...
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