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    M35a2 keeps blowing headlight

    remember, thats 24volts nominal, so you should see a slight variation of 1-2 volts higher if the truck is running/ charging.
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    Waste Oil filter

    The engines multi-fuel capability is a result of its internal design and operating cycle, so no alterations are necessary. As built, there was a fuel density compensator, the dreaded FDC, on the injection pump which made adjustments to the fuel rack based on the fuel flowing through it. Its...
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    Please don’t say head gasket…

    I agree with the first part, but respectfully disagree with the latter. I used new style gaskets when I replaced mine last year and decided to do a full retourque after a heat cycle and boy they moved a mile... I definitely recommend a re-torque no matter which gaskets you use. Resetting the...
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    Waste Oil filter

    $6.30 here, if the ol girl is moving this summer its on waste oil mix, sad to say. Ive been using an old airdog lift pump with twin filters (water sep and 2 micron final filter), but it seems the motor gave up on me just this afternoon. I set it up with a draw pipe and hose to pull out of any...
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    Definitive conclusions - Which rear axle is best to disable and how?

    fwiw, I feel like there would be a lot more mileage gained from switching from ndt to a modern style truck tire, especially with the hubs flipped running singles.
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    Increasing the air intake in a deuce

    Good to see theres a few other Dodge/ Cummins guys here. One thing is for sure, the stock deuce intake wouldn't cut it on anything but the mildest of 5.9s. Without a doubt its smaller than the ones on a 160 horse first gen. I've looked at the mushroom cap and assorted pipes many times and...
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    Just spit balling…brakes

    Its sad that you have to base your judgments strictly on tort law, knowing its your butt on the line either way... homebrew mods to improve safety, or OEM 'engineered' mediocrity? I feel like you'd have a chance as long as all components are DOT approved, but who knows. Dual circuit...
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    Less than 18 months and under 1,000 miles my axle boots failed.

    I need to do mine this year, I got a set of zipper boots. I dont figure there's any point in tearing apart the entire front end for something thats going to fail every year or two at most.
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    Powering inverter off deuce

    inverters are cool in theory, until you do the math and realize how inefficient voltage conversion is. Another consideration is temperature and load on the trucks engine. Big diesel/ MF engines like heat and hard work, running for hours on end with very little overall load might not get you up...
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    Newbie here looking at a 1970 M35A2 have some questions

    5k is too much for those problems. A multi in good condition can start in the frigid cold just fine, and that t-case is probably on its way out. He's absolutely lying about it being normal to chain it in gear. Thats just preposterous. Of course it is worth noting that prices have gone up all...
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    M35a2 shifting questions

    bumping against second before selecting first while at a standstill will stop the transmission shafts and allow you to get into first easier. This is not injurious to the trans, as long as you are only dealing with a small clash or clunk. If your facing a heavy grind every time you want to go...
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    Buying Specific Deuce RV

    if nothing else, Im curious what freightliner parts he used to do a dual circuit brake conversion. For that price, if thats the type of rig your looking for, it looks decent to me. As long as the quality of work is decent and the paperwork is good, its just like any other used vehicle purchase...
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    Developing the "multifuel" into a tractor engine

    Im not overly familiar with the tractor variant, but wasnt the power turned way down from the army rating? I can imagine that de-rating down to a big (for the time) tractor 80-100 hp would drastically reduce pressures and increase lifespan, though that wouldn't fly in our trucks... I wonder if...
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    Replacement Batteries

    Napa group 31's here. They work fine in the northeast!
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