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    Green Cove Springs

    Just to be clear I am too old and grumpy to load any of this stuff and bring it if not spoked for and I do expect payment if you are happy with it. Got shafted two Ga. rally's ago as someone said bring some big stuff high dollar that they wanted it then backed out. Not real pissed of because I...
  2. Floridianson

    Green Cove Springs

    M37. 915A2. 1088. 5 ton and Deuce snatch blocks. Deuce or 5 ton both side door glass. Nice lifting / recovery nylon strap with chain end. Nice adjustable recovery chain. NOS Deuce stack end. Good shape 5 ton end stack. Looks like good shape Deuce oil cooler cover. Big ammo cans. Metal fuel can...
  3. Floridianson

    Green Cove Springs

    Pics of the Green stuff. Six Nos Deuce two hole injectors. Rebuilt Ambac Hyd. Head. Deuce front axle boots. Deuce fuel filters. Nos 809 series PCB. Nos 809 series master cylinder. Think I still have NOS Deuce pressure plate and disc. Think I still have 809 series Pressure plate and disc. Nos...
  4. Floridianson

    Green Cove Springs

    Ok tip of the iceberg. If any of this stuff does not sell in Green Cove then I will sell to members after. Four different sizes of Hardigg plus aluminum med boxes. Nos 939 series mufflers. Collard medium tow bar with 1x1''. 1x3/4'' feet and pair double chain axle clamps. Heavy duty truck 4 way...
  5. Floridianson

    Green Cove Springs

    Feb.19-21. If you go to the Fl. MVPA web sight they have the address. I been there and it is real close for me so I do not know the correct address.
  6. Floridianson

    LMTV Cab will not go down

    All good answers to question. My Silly question. On the passenger side Hyd. ram goes to the linkage that can go into the full cab lock position. Is there a way it is not pulling out of the full lock position? I do not have a pic of the linkage in full lock but it is talked about in some threads...
  7. Floridianson

    Hard Top or a Soft Top?

    Soft top 4 me and windshield down. Also with the right tool removal of the transmission / transfer case or an airplane engine is a snap.
  8. Floridianson

    FL 1997 M1088

    No CTIS but full floating rear hubs and all hubs serviced / shimmed. New air dryer. All drive shafts checked and or balanced. New governor oil feed line. New oil cooler gaskets. Cat long life antifreeze. Good Michelin 395's on new combat wheels plus two spare 395's on new combat and two new...
  9. Floridianson

    Green Cove Springs

    Anybody want to do a buy, sell, trade thingy thread?
  10. Floridianson

    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    A wise man once told me do not buy a boat make friends with someone that has a nice boat. Same thing with an air plane make new friends or talk you old friend into buying one. You got a MV for off road make sure you have a friend with a bigger one. Rule of the three F's also applies here. Guess...
  11. Floridianson

    STE/ICE Differential Switch - M916A1:- Function and testing.

    Checked out the TM and saw the pics and yea mine same unit. Googled and found this document about it. It is for testing the fuel filters for clogging and as you said part of the STE/ ICE. a181563.pdf (
  12. Floridianson

    STE/ICE Differential Switch - M916A1:- Function and testing.

    OK went to books and it does say there can be a fuel temperature gage for the ECM and that makes more sense. It would not do flow rate on mine because it it just a tap on a T on the high pressure side of the pump line. Then that would also seem like it would not do pressure just flows fuel...
  13. Floridianson

    STE/ICE Differential Switch - M916A1:- Function and testing.

    Got me thinking which is getting harder these days so I opened my hood. Mounted on my block just above the fuel pump is an electric block 1 1/2''x 4'' with in and out fuel. Mine is tapped into the pressure side of my pump and returns to the final fuel filter. I saw it when I first got the truck...
  14. Floridianson

    1/2" inverted flare ball valve, or adapter fittings wanted

    I am going to assume which I should not do but is this valve is for safety / emergency shut down. I have seen where someone put a manual valve in the engine bay between the final fuel filter and Head. Myself I do not know with a motor going to WOT I want to stick my head anywhere near that...
  15. Floridianson

    M373 Axle Swap

    Here is a pic of the data tag for my axle if you are still thinking about a better up grade. To me it is not a weight gain thing or mileage thing for me it is a safety thing.
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