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    Split/locking ring removal from the wheel on the 1952 M211. Inner tube replacement.

    You survived, I would like to suggest the next tire use the duck bill side of the hammer only and more chain through the hand holes to the outside of the tire and a clip-on air chuck.
  2. Fredo Corleone

    My recent purchase 1977 M882

    Good looking Dodge!
  3. Fredo Corleone

    Steelsoldiers’ BIG M756A2 Project!

    Careful don’t want anything bad to happen.
  4. Fredo Corleone

    Steelsoldiers’ BIG M756A2 Project!

    Do you have the block and tackle with the hook for the U bolt in the bed? The stake pocket adapters are nice to have but probably will never get used much mine has been rigged over the side once.
  5. Fredo Corleone

    First step - cab rebuild

    Looks like 5 ton with ROPS
  6. Fredo Corleone

    M416 Condition

    M416 and M416A1
  7. Fredo Corleone

    M416 Condition

    Evil Dr. Porkchop has done some trailers
  8. Fredo Corleone

    Steelsoldiers’ BIG M756A2 Project!

    One of my co-workers was in the Seabees and he was assigned a pipeline truck.
  9. Fredo Corleone

    M185A3 wannabe m756a2 project
  10. Fredo Corleone

    M185A3 wannabe m756a2 project

    It is A big investment but well worth it i bought my first M756A2 sight unseen and there wasn't much left to it after the forestry service stripped it and put a tank on it. My second has been the most useful truck i have owned.
  11. Fredo Corleone

    Endless Tire Talk! Looking for the Semi-Truck style Deuce with Dual'd XL's

  12. Fredo Corleone

    M185A3 wannabe m756a2 project

    Going through your pictures I noticed you have the Bed Pocket Adapters so that is nice and the first of the BII for the truck. Next would be the Sheaves that attach to them NSN 3940-00-151-6769 part number 11676932
  13. Fredo Corleone

    M931A2 air in fuel

    Check the fuel lines my M931A2 had cracks in the outer cover coming from the big filter on the drivers side to the engine. Put a piece of tape over it to check.
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