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    First purchase 2008 refurbished - M1123A2

    It looks good--I bet is runs great--good luck
  2. gem1410

    HMMWV Export Pictures

    Its cheap to ship in the container--$1200 Newark NJ to Germany--They are usually loaded with a long fork lift--Its amazing they do not bounce around during shipping--nice pictures
  3. gem1410

    What are your experiences with GovPlanet?? Good or Bad

    I bought a bunch of thoes Florida titles for the humvees--the titles were laughed at in NJ motor vehicle--to get my money back I delt with iron planets legal dept--sent them the facts and they sent me check-----that worked out well---put in 2 valid claims under the IronClad Assurance and was...
  4. gem1410

    M923--air valve on front axel lockout valve leaks

    Thats it Simp--thanks for taking the time to post it--George
  5. gem1410

    M923--air valve on front axel lockout valve leaks

    Thanks simp. The valve i am working is the valve in front of the t cass with the arm on it. Do u have info on that one. George
  6. gem1410

    M923--air valve on front axel lockout valve leaks

    I have a M923 that has a big air leak at the air valve on the front of the transfer case that engages the front axel --when I try to engage the front axel it just leaks and the axel does not engage--I can not locate any of these for sale--What is the name for this valve and who might have these...
  7. gem1410

    Fuel Leak In the Valley

    I did take pictures along the way and marked the injector lines--easy to get lost--I used steam pipe thread sealer on the intake bolts--bought the stuff from home depot--The sealer worked great and the bolts went back in smooth--With the pump removed you can clean and paint the valley---
  8. gem1410

    Fuel Leak In the Valley

    I use Diesel Care on ebay--pumps came back looking like new and worked--Super cheap--around $300---job was 2 hours off--3 hours on--I work slow
  9. gem1410

    '86 M998 Humvee issue with headlights and turnsignals

    I have a 1997 ecv--same situation with the led lights--I removed the bulb from the turn signal switch and all led lights work now even with the head lights on--also noticed the turn signal switch has the ground and power reversed going to the bulb so that an led bulb will not work on the turn...
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    Hmmwv fuel delivery run issue

    600 mile truck-- completely clogged --600 mile truck--inside of return line was rusty and the diesel turned to sludge--disconnect your fuel return metal line and run the return line from the injector pump into a 5 gal pail--see how it runs--
  11. gem1410

    Hmmwv fuel delivery run issue

    I had a similar problem--the fuel return line to the tank was clogged-- had to replace the line and it then ran well
  12. gem1410

    Suing GovPlanet. For the 3rd time. SF97 Help

    I need to file suit for early titles that were said could be used to transfer ownership on humvees--I was laughed out of the nj motor vehical dept after I was told the paper work was useless--I purchased 4 of these titles--------Did you file against Gov Planet and what address did you use for...
  13. gem1410

    Tried to save the Oshkosh

    The winning bidder at the Phila Parking Auction gets a PA title--Title arrives 2 months later --big older trucks sell around scrap value and scrap prices are low at this time
  14. gem1410

    Tried to save the Oshkosh

    Try to buy it back at phila.parking authority auction--The truck looks great--Any idea when it might come up for auction
  15. gem1410

    M998 Windshield

    I bought a suction cup mirror from ebay--$5--works great-
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