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  1. General Hood

    M1025 alternator

    I will pass this along, thank you
  2. General Hood

    M1025 alternator

    OK, thanks
  3. General Hood

    M1025 alternator

    Our local sheriff dept has a M1025 with a bad alternator. I'm asking in their behalf if any of you have a replacement alternator for sale.
  4. General Hood

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Yikes! I heard she was 10 ft tall
  5. General Hood

    New Member from SE Oklahoma!

    Welcome from another SE OK member
  6. General Hood

    HMMWV Fan Clutch Demons - Please Advise

    There is a diagram in TM-2320-280-20-1 unit maint. in the steering control system section
  7. General Hood

    HMMWV Fan Clutch Demons - Please Advise

    Verify and double verify the plumbing is correct, anything hooked up wrong or backwards in the system will cause this problem, however, in my case it was a faulty component (cadillac valve).
  8. General Hood

    are there any flu419's left?

    Just made a pick up at RRAD, Govplanet has 3 left at that location per their rep
  9. General Hood

    New To Me 1994 M998A1

    Welcome to the forum
  10. General Hood

    A few questions about my M-1038

    BTW, welcome to the forum. I see this is your first post Enjoy your MV and keep us posted on your progress
  11. General Hood

    Parking Brake Lever

    Happened to me once. There are a series of brake tests in the TM, I went through them one by one and at some point in the process the brake dash lamp started performing as it should. TMs are our friend
  12. General Hood

    are there any flu419's left?

    Agreed, I was at RRAD not too long ago and the SEEs I looked at were rough looking, and probably home to some protected species of godforsaken critters
  13. General Hood

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Performed a few cosmetic tasks on the M998 yesterday, but weather conditions shut me down early
  14. General Hood

    Fan runs all the time, think it's the fan sensor.

    I had the same issue last year, replaced the sensor, time delay module,cadillac valve, and fan clutch with no results. Ended up being the NOS replacement cadillac valve was faulty and a second replacement fixed the issue. Here's hoping your fix comes easier
  15. General Hood

    M998 Front Differential

    Uh no, I used a floor jack up front of the diff. Bottle jack was more or less a 3rd jack stand
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