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    M939 Mushroom Cap

    Not sure, I've got the spinner caps, not the directional intakes. I'll try to post a pic sometime fri evening.
  2. gimpyrobb

    Transmission stall? Torque converter?

    Could possibly be the torque converter. I have new in the box ones if you decide to swap it out. Just send a pm.
  3. gimpyrobb

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by Memphis Equipment

    I'm in! Thanks to all the companies that support our site.
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    N.O.S. hinge pin removal

    I'm working tonight and tomorrow night, but have info on stainless bolts and bushings when I'm off wed/thurs. The info has been posted by devilman if you feel like searching for it.
  5. gimpyrobb

    m35a3 air assist steering.

    First thing I would check is, if its getting air at all. There is a pressure protection valve that will not pass air to the system, until you have 60psi(minimum) in your tanks. Next step, take the lines off the air cyl and see if they get air from the steering link. As always, BE EXTREMELY...
  6. gimpyrobb

    Torque converter info needed

    I've got some. I'll dig one up tomorrow and let you know.
  7. gimpyrobb

    Humvee shock absorber and spring options?

    I've got a bunch of stock shocks new in the box, up at the Beefco warehouse.
  8. gimpyrobb

    Iron Planet/GovPlanet: Another Horror Story

    Thats one of the reasons they lost my business, no location close to me and I refuse to deal with idiots away from home.
  9. gimpyrobb

    M35A3 wheel question ?

    Either the 395s or the 1100 equivalent, I can't remember the size offhand. The 395s do give you back the road speed you lose not having an overdrive trans though.
  10. gimpyrobb

    Trapdoor Gin Pole Project underway, feedback/suggestions appreciated.

    I had been watching over on WW but hadn't seen you on recently. Glad to hear you're moving forward on this!
  11. gimpyrobb

    Deuce will not start after several years of sitting

    Yeah, as stated, it can save a lot of problems to verify a few other things first. By the time the truck cranks over, it would be too late to realize the fuel shut off doesn't work. Some simple preplanning goes a long way here.
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    CORONA CANCELLED !! Findlay Ohio, Armed Forces Day show, MVPA convention COMBO

    Come on up and see us! Tell her your going to take her on a helicopter ride, they have a Vietnam combat vet flying a huey for like 125 per person. It is well worth the money! Then you can hang out and visit the rest of the show.
  13. gimpyrobb

    Deuce will not start after several years of sitting

    Yeah, as James said, a few things need to be done. First thing I'd do is turn on the power switch and open the fuel bleeder on the secondary filters to verify fuel flow. Next I'd check the fuel shutoff for movement. If it doesn't move, I wouldn't try to start it. If it does move, I'd start...
  14. gimpyrobb

    M1000 Trailer

    Imho, its good info for those of us that don't do what you do. I never thought about needing to check height or level of a load that size.
  15. gimpyrobb

    Decision on a knuckle boom crane.

    Seems we aren't required to have a location posted anymore, hmmm. I think your best bet would be a pto driven pump but seeing as you have the electric, I'd run that till you find the pto version.
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