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    Level wind for 10k Garwood?

    Actual pictures? Or just images from a TM (which then turned out to be from a 5-ton with the 20K Garwood + level wind) ? (-> read that thread linked in post #2)
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    Level wind for 10k Garwood?

    Really wish someone could post a picture of it, here. At least there should be a TM covering that?
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    M51 Sprag Replacement

    Use a torch and apply some heat (<250F) to that sprag unit inner race. It will expand and slide right off.
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    So your **** door does not close right? - here is a few tips - door adjustment

    These don't stick out...
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    M51 Sprag Replacement

    Why? If you mean the input shaft itself, it has nothing to do with removing the front output assembly in order to get access to the sprag unit. Unlike its smaller cousin (the M35s T-case) you may have to pull the input companion flange (4) first, before that housing can come off. (I've never...
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    Easiest way to change transmission output shaft seal?

    That's correct; it's the seal for the T-case rear output.
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    Easiest way to change transmission output shaft seal?

    That seal mounts from the outside, so yes it can be pried out and a new one installed after just removing the output flange. Obviously, having the bearing/seal retainer housing also pulled out, makes it all much easier; especially if you have a small shop press. There is no need to drain the...
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    FM5-125, Army Rigging Handbook Feb 2001

    FM5-125, latest update from Feb 2001 (supersedes FM5-125, Oct 1995) Already added to the "TMs for Towing" compilation thread.
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    DIY custom wheels??

    Here is another option, based on FMTV wheels:
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    DIY custom wheels??

    Old thread with very good contributions, here:
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    Fmtv wheel studs

    That link shows 7/16" studs. But we need 5/8"... NAPA # 641-3141 (Post 28 ) is equivalent to GM #15725051. Some dimensions and vehicle application can be seen here... Those are not the same as the stock FMTV wheel studs, but may eventually fit - after some grinding. (I'm not sure; never done...
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    Seal between NP208 and TH400
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    DIY custom wheels??
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    Having trouble seating beads on 16.00 AT-3A's

    This is the correct method (click on the link where it says youtube) Of course I'm cheap and would never buy such a tool. Instead, I use something homemade (made out of sheet-metal and a piece of 1/4" insulating foam rubber) - which works just as nicely....
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    Dang it, dang it, dang it!!!!! Harmonic balancer broken.

    Not the first time this happens....
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