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    Deuce trailer build thread

    This looks pretty nice, but it looks like overkill. This trailer looks like it could carry a small city, while the deuce will be at its max pulling it empty.
  2. hdmax

    How good is a deuce really in the mud?

    Better than a bicycle, not as good as a super swamper buggy. Check out some of the rally videos on youtube. (There are hundreds of them.)
  3. hdmax

    Need a favor, i'll buy you lunch at the georgia rally!

    Glad to see I have a very good son in box 5 diesel! Great help here as well, and to think he is just 13, looks like the hobby will be in good hands for years to come.
  4. hdmax

    Relocating front axle 5" forward

    The plasma will work perfectly, and as for the rivet replacements, I bored out the holes to allow 1/2" grade 8 bolts, with lock washers, and red loctite. Not sure what they did that caused the front axle to move back , it doesn't look like it's in the stock location, unless it has little or no...
  5. hdmax

    Biggest Badest SUV

    That looks more like a prisoner transport bus, then an SUV.
  6. hdmax

    Who has experience with Goodyear 1600r20's?

    I have the 53's, and they are NOT a good highway tires to say the least! I do not recommend them if you plan on doing highway driving more then a mile here an there on occasion. They are very heavy, (nearly 500# each once mounted on HMMT wheels/adapter plate.) They want to follow the contour...
  7. hdmax

    2012 Anti-haspin rally

    Are those pix from your Summer line? You don't look good in the picture Doc!:jumpin:
  8. hdmax

    giveaway - free pair of hubsteps

    These just may come in handy with 53" tires.
  9. hdmax

    Armored Deuce

    Have you thought this through? I would expect the the hinges and mounting plates would have to be enormous to support 300LB, 400LB doors, all the windows need to be a minimum of an inch thick, and armor will do little good, unless you do the entire cab, firewall, the works. What about someone...
  10. hdmax

    Am I having a pipe dream?

    Did you not get the memo? As of January 1, 2012 any and all road use is taxable by law. Even if you shall walk, you must then pay a fuel tax on the food, and drink you ingest. As well as a Federal Excise Tax on the shoes you were wearing for those said trips. It is all right here on the...
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    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    It is looking good! The two drills look as if you have taken mine. (I have the same models!) As for bits, I went through at least $250-$300 worth of bits. Many broke as easy as a toothpick, while others chipped or just dulled really quickly. (I used VA, DeWalt, Skill, and a few from Walmart.)...
  12. hdmax

    just put a radio in the deuce

    Huh? Sorry, after 4 years Army, 20 years construction, and owning a deuce I couldn't hear you!
  13. hdmax

    Lockout hubs

    This is no different then putting a new set of tires on the rear, and not the front, or vise-verse.
  14. hdmax

    Civy wiper conversion with OD paint

    I searched rock auto for anco, as well as 41-01, and came up empty.
  15. hdmax

    Lifting and 53's

    Sorry for not getting back to you all sooner, but been away from the site for a long time. As for lift and 53"s So far no rubbing anywhere, but I haven't had it back to any place like Haspin, that would really test it. I have had it off road, and in some pretty good places, and everything...
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