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    Any Humvee owners in South Houston? 😁

    Yeah I saw the same four man camo with two whip antennas crossing the 96 a couple of times. Let me know if you guys plan a HMMWV related gathering; would love to meet you and your buddies one day 😁 Thanx for your reply!
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    Any Humvee owners in South Houston? 😁

    Thanx for your reply! 😁 Sure will keep an eye on this thread. 👍 And same here; looking forward to meeting you. have great day!
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    Any Humvee owners in South Houston? 😁

    Hello everyone, I was planning to join Steel Soldiers after I pick up my Humvee from GovPlanet when they release it hopefully in few weeks; but I guess I’m too excited and couldn’t wait, so here I am! 😁 Any Humvee owners in League City or near by the Houston area? Ya’ll have a good day
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