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    Working on the M38 next.

    Finally finished the distributor rebuild (just need to trim the roll pin in the shaft). Parts fought me a lot! Pretty much everything bought from ebay wasn't right: housing, condenser, and points-all wrong. Oh, about the Cosmooline-I cleaned it in the parts washer as best I could, then I put it...
  2. hndrsonj

    Just got a M37, took some photos. Love any advice/pointers!

    Looks really clean!
  3. hndrsonj

    Working on the M38 next.

    i'm going dishwasher. stand by for wifes response....
  4. hndrsonj

    Working on the M38 next.

    Some new arrivals. (and cosmoline sucks)
  5. hndrsonj

    Working on the M38 next.

    They are both M38 distributor cases. The new one I had is an early style. I had to order the correct one from Midwest (not here yet). I had no idea there were different styles until I dug it out of storage and started rebuilding the distributor.
  6. hndrsonj

    Working on the M38 next.

    So what is wrong with this picture? Had to order the correct lower housing for the rebuild (not here yet).
  7. hndrsonj


    I have used delta team, they are great looking fast and cheap!
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    M37 Fluids

    I have a couple cases of straight 30 weight back from the early 80's that I have been running in my engine. I have 90 weight in all the drive line. The steering gear has john deere cornhead grease (which I am not sure I like). My winch will have 140 weight. My steering gear will probably get...
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    Need Help sizing up a potental purchase (M38)

    M38's are kind of spendy. I'd call John at Midwest Military and see what he has in stock. (he usually has a couple)
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    MV of the year 2019

    It's been reported. PATRACY will have to fix it.
  11. hndrsonj

    MV of the year 2019

    And as received:
  12. hndrsonj

    MV of the year 2019

    Here's some pictures....
  13. hndrsonj

    MV of the year 2019

    Here is the build thread. It has been a 10 year journey. It seems like it never ends, always tweaking something....
  14. hndrsonj

    WY/CO Chapter

    There's alot of people moving in from CA......
  15. hndrsonj

    Proud American Guntruck History

    Do you have any status on how the Proud American is or where it is being shown/stored?
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