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    Deuce jacking procedure

    On the left side just put it under the mounting pad for the toque rod right between the 4 bolts.
  2. jasonjc

    Deuce jacking procedure

    I use the 6 ton HF jack stands. With out looking under the truck I can't remember where on the back I put them, but they do work and fit.
  3. jasonjc

    African Queen to go on Display at the National Museum of The US Air Force

    It not that far off for it to be at the Air Force museum. My dad used one to patrol the air field perimeter during the Korean war. He was an MP in the Air Force.
  4. jasonjc

    AN/TPQ-36 FireFinder (Modified M116A1) Trailer

    I was thinking more along the lines of "making" the radar , but I know what you mean about the $$ adding up fast.
  5. jasonjc

    AN/TPQ-36 FireFinder (Modified M116A1) Trailer

    How hard would it be to make it a "radar" unit again?? Being a flat radar seems easy.?.?.? Would be a cold display item.
  6. jasonjc

    Manual transmission swap in m135

    How does that work mounting a 2 or 3 aux after the transfer case?? And does the M135 front axle have a reverse rotation?
  7. jasonjc

    Source for #10-32 x 1/2 SS flange heads?

    $0.12 ea at Fastenal
  8. jasonjc

    Please identify this engine part

    i think that is the filter for the flame heater. its used to preheat the manifold for cold starts.
  9. jasonjc

    M813 transfer case issues

    Disconnecting the drive shafts is a standard tow procedure , so don't read to much into that. Also under that cover plate is a big set screw that holds the shift fork to the shaft. If it is lose it will not move the shift fork.
  10. jasonjc

    what cordless tool are you using to get your lug nuts off These and get a "BUDD" socket in 3/4" drive. Or just get the 1/2" high torque Milwaukee.
  11. jasonjc

    2 questions, batteries and tires

    Check with your big truck shops , my local Freightliner just had Group 31's for $59ea.
  12. jasonjc

    B-29 "Doc" Awarded New Airworthiness Certificate

    Only now that the lake is down so far.
  13. jasonjc

    Need help with the evolution of 5 ton trucks.

    Doyle said they used new frame and sheet metal. Its like the M915's , they upgraded a bunch of them by getting new cab and chassis and drive train , but kept the rear axles off the older trucks. Then sold off the old trucks with no rear axles. I can see the money thing you have money in the...
  14. jasonjc

    MC-2A Service & Parts Manuals Needed

    Do you have a pic of the washers? Maybe with something to give a size reference? I've seen those use on Cummins engines mite be the same size.
  15. jasonjc

    Electrical Connectors for Tail, Marker and Lollipop lights?

    The ones in your link are now $42 for 20 (10 each male and female):oops:
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