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    Engine rotation damage

    the worst case is damage to the injection pump , other s should comment on this if they are experienced with this problem
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    Brakes sticking after brake pedal depressed

    Yes that is the one that has the breather, or just a small hole in the center of it. It is the way air exhausts from the system when the brake is released. it's not a brilliant way, but it was the guv'mentway. I hope you find it was your problem. JT
  3. jatonka

    Brakes sticking after brake pedal depressed

    Just a chance that the glad hand at the right frontof the truck has gotten it's breather plugged with something, I had a similar problem some years ago that cost me a new airpack and a new master cylinder that didn't fix the problem. I told a Vietnam veteran about it and he told me to check that...
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    Fuel filter o ring help

    I haven't bought the 1133 filters in years, if it's now in there, that's great. It willseem too big until you clean the recessed groove totally. JT
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    Fuel filter o ring help

    Wix is 51458, napa is 1458. They are flat fiber gaskets, not rubber. You need to clean the groove well, start the gasket in on one side and and press it around till you get to the end, press the little bump down with your thumb..... tout fini. JT
  6. jatonka

    Oil Filter Gaskets? NAPA Doesn't Show PN.

    Here are the correct gaskets again: Oil napa 5119 fiber gasket the only correct gasket, snaps into the counter sunk groove that you NEED to clean out first. primary napa 5131 rubber secondary 5070 rubber If you want WIX add a 1 prefix to the above numbers...
  7. jatonka

    Testing Glow Plugs

    Karl, as always, thank you. I had tried an ohm meter earlier, thought I needed 6 ohms and got confused. If you are coming to Redball meet at MT Bethel, PA this weekend, can you bring your ohm meter and I will bring resistors down. JT
  8. jatonka

    Testing Glow Plugs

    A little off topic but still on CUCV glow plug system. Is there a way to test the resistance of the double resistor that cuts 24v down to 12v to fire the glow plugs? I removed mine and wired from the front battery through a 100 amp breaker to the glow plug solenoid and I'm not happy with the...
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    M35a2 White Smoke

    I still think his injector timing is wrong. I just finished a 4BDT-1 Isuzu today and the diesel shop put the pump in 1 tooth off for 15 degrees retarded and it smoked white, no power and overheated all the while. It is perfect now. JT
  10. jatonka

    M35a2 White Smoke

    check timing, white smoke at idle can indicate timing off. How would that happen to an engine that ran right previously? Consider the 3 small capscrews that hold gear on front of injector pump, and gear train wear from use. You can check timing, you seem to be very mechanicly able. Just a...
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    MEP 005 engine gaskets

    I am looking for a place to buy an engine gasket set for the White 298ER diesel in a Mep 005 30K genset. leaking coolant between head and block.
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    Sludge in bottom of filter normal?

    jatonka is a handle I use from back in the CB radio days, I'm that old! stands for John Adam Tennis then onka for the toys I played with as a kid, makes " jatonka ". I created all of the spin on adapters for real reasons for all of my own multifuels, after they all performed properly I gave...
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    In-vehicle single piston/sleeve swap?

    I don't have part numbers for the 2 wrist-pins. Sorry. I have a ton of projects too, understand what you said. JT
  14. jatonka

    In-vehicle single piston/sleeve swap?

    I have done this several times, no bad results. You must use a replacement liner kit that uses the same type of wrist-pin as what you took out. Some engines had hollow wrist-pins and some used solid ones. The wrong wrist-pin will throw your engine out of balance, to the extent that they were...
  15. jatonka

    Deuce Parts Quick Reference Spreadsheet

    I understand why he was sent to Lube order so that he can learn to use the manuals. I went thru several lube orders and could not find the cooling system capacity. I went to TM9-2320-361-10, Operator manual and found the Multifuel cooling capacity on page 1-19. The cooling system capacity...
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