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    M37 no power, good idle

    I had the problem you described many years ago. I had a 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser. It idled fine, filters were all good. I finally chased the problem to a blown head gasket. The gap on the head gasket only became problematic when I was pulling a load or climbing a hill. Changed out the head...
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    Honoring the Proud American Gun Truck

    There is one in Dubois. They have a quad .50 gun truck. It’s not built to any specific truck, but it sure looks nice! A friend took these pictures which were taken inside the soon to open museum. It was scheduled to open around Memorial Day weekend. Not sure how the current brouhaha is going to...
  3. jeffhuey1n

    Honoring the Proud American Gun Truck

    Time to bring Proud back to its home, with PapaBear.
  4. jeffhuey1n

    New member: M109a3RV

    ...from SE Wyoming, Oohrah!
  5. jeffhuey1n

    Oregon members?

    I grew up in Pendleton. What part of town do you live in?
  6. jeffhuey1n

    UH-1M Seeking History of THIS Helicopter

    I gave your pics a good looking over and you are in luck. There is a 90 degree gearbox on the tail. This, hopefully, indicates you have an intact drive train. Also, the primary servos and main transmission are installed. You’ll need to find/install a mast, a swashplate and scissor assembly and a...
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    UH-1M Seeking History of THIS Helicopter

    Here’s some info. The Huey M or Mike model started out as UH-1C. This helo was built in 1966 and was given the serial number 66-15234. My primary source of information only states that it was converted to UH-1M. The UH-1C was used during Vietnam mostly as a gun ship. If you can find a data...
  8. jeffhuey1n

    Working on the M38 next.

    I need to learn that skill. I’ve got holes in the fire truck that need filling.
  9. jeffhuey1n

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    Lots done today. Finally got the windshield removed. Also got the driver’s side step removed. I can really see the crunched corner now. Decided to remove the headliner, just because. What a mess! Dang rodents poo and pee on everything then build a nest on to of that! I think that was the last of...
  10. jeffhuey1n

    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    Are there any data plates on the dash/glove box/door posts? It’ll help a great deal to see those plates, regardless of where it was built/owned. I pulled this pic from the web. Look familiar?
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    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    Almost forgot. I like to give my trucks a “mission”. One is the Toys For Tots truck, one is the Vietnam War gun truck tribute, and one is my LtCol Ken Bourland/Air Force Rescue tribute. I’ve been tossing ideas around and think I’ve found a mission. Every day, on average, 22 veterans commit...
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    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    I’ve been stripping the white paint off the cab. I’ve tried several different ways to get this done but none were very satisfactory. Now I’ve gone old fashioned. Got out the electric drill and dug around in the sanding cabinet till I found one of those rubber disks that you remove a screw and...
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    Turned away from camp grounds??

    I stay almost exclusively at KOA’s. The only time I can’t stay at one is by my procrastinating too long for reservations. I’ve seen every type of moving vehicle at these parks. In fact, they’re usually booked out months in advance for real popular places such as Yellowstone. I haul a 30 foot 5th...
  14. jeffhuey1n

    CH-53E HMH 772

    Not sure what ship it was. I think it was the Inchon but I’ll have to ask one of my friends who went on the trip. The first two were taken in 1986, 6+/- months after I left the Marine Corps and three months after I joined the Air Force. I would have been on that trip if I’d re-enlisted. The...
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