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    Air compressor (or air pack) CFM?

    Greetings and happy new year to all, Does anyone know how many CFM the air compressor on the M35A2 (or 809 series) make? I am considering replacing a remote vacuum assist booster with my spare M35A2 air pack (the short one). I have electric on-board air now, a small 24v Thomas pump, being...
  2. jimk

    Post up those Point of View hood shots!

    Deleted. Were not post Vietnam or 5 Ton. Apologies.
  3. jimk

    Military Steering wheel puller

    edited- I have a spare 20" wheel you can have if you don't have a spare. It is off my 71 M35A2. It has the square profile spokes and no horn bits. PM me if you want it. I also have a homemade puller. It is just a thick steel disk with slot, a pair of holes for 3/8 bolts. 2 bolts and a cross bar...
  4. jimk

    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    I will be looking for eight used M35A2 brake shoes, bad or missing brake linings ok. I just need the steel shoes. Jim
  5. jimk

    Colorado Bill SB19-054 RE: (Former) Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation

    The box (historical...not to be titled or registered) seems to contradict the "these changes do not apply...historical" in requirements above. Is the Colorado DOR exceeding their authority? What other states are currently restricting registration of FMVs?
  6. jimk

    Post up those Point of View hood shots!

    2015 Watchfire, 2016 Camillus and Baldwinsville Memorial Day Parades
  7. jimk

    New guy in upstate NY
  8. jimk

    Alvis Stalwart

    If you are happily married an old dog might be a better idea.
  9. jimk

    SR71 Blackbird

    Speech by Brian Shul in Chico California in the Fall of 2001 Brian Shul is a Vietnam era USAF fighter pilot with 212 combat missions. He was shot down near the end of the war and was so badly burned that he was given next to no chance to live. He did live, went on to fly SR-71s and completed a...
  10. jimk

    SR71 Blackbird

    SR-71 Pilot Maury Rosenberg talks about the one time he decided to request a "fly-by" over the Sacramento airport on his way returning to Beale AFB- where he was going to land... (there is also another interesting story in the comments, about 8 down today when sorted by top comments)...
  11. jimk

    VIC-1 plastic caps...

    If you did not find them PM me an address and I will mail you two (plastic push on).
  12. jimk

    M113 Chrysler Gasoline Engine 8763101 used in any other vehicles?

    Not sure what auto trans is needed or where you might locate one however a New Process Gear 540, 541, 542 manual (5 speed) would be an option with the correct flywheel (not same as auto flywheel). 2 types of manual trans flywheels were used in the V100. Each must match the crankshaft output...
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