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  1. jmb6741

    Oshkosh MK23 family of trucks parts

    The pinion bearing is completely shot , you can stick your hand between the shaft and the housing. It’s all wobbled out. Tried pulling one from a wrecked one we have but the carrier mounts inside the differential were bent also. Soooo we started scratching our heads and looking at the rear and...
  2. jmb6741

    Oshkosh MK23 family of trucks parts

    Working on the front differential of a MK23 and needing to swap it out , took one from the wrecked truck and it’s bad as well. Does anyone know if the rear rear differential is the same as the front differential? I called Oshkosh and they said it was a different part number but goes in the same...
  3. jmb6741

    New LMTV owner with gremlins

    Welcome to the love hate relationship you will have with that truck, love when it works and hate when another mystery pops up!
  4. jmb6741

    MTVR Belt

    Put on a Dayco 5120885 today, worked like a champ! Thanks again!
  5. jmb6741

    MTVR Manuals

    That’s awesome, I just finally received some of them that we bought back in July and they are in preserved state and I need to top off and refill everything and replace a bad front differential. Thanks again!
  6. jmb6741

    MTVR Manuals

    Did anyone find manuals for the MTVR, specifically the MK23? I have to pull the front differential and wanted to see if there were any pointers in there! Thanks!
  7. jmb6741

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    MTVR’s bought 7-31-19 EUC’s approved 10-11-19! I wish there was a way to do a yearly blanket EUC form for purchases. I mean it would save money and time for everyone. Less paperwork for everybody, less money spent storing and moving vehicles for months on end before released to us, less man...
  8. jmb6741

    Won my first award

    What kind of truck do you have?
  9. jmb6741

    Buying a MK23...Am I making the right decision?

    Ive bought 2 non runners and a wrecked one, but have not received any of them yet. Hopefully soon the EUC’s will finally clear and I can get them to the shop and dig into them!
  10. jmb6741

    Hello All, New member here

    Welcome from NC !
  11. jmb6741

    Newbie in Oregon

    Welcome and good luck!
  12. jmb6741

    New Member from Port Angeles, WA

    Welcome from NC !
  13. jmb6741

    Newbie from GA

    Welcome from NC
  14. jmb6741

    MTVR Belt

    Do you happen to know a number for it if it happens to have A/C? I have looked and checked the Oshkosh and Gates numbers with a local truck dealer and he cant find a cross. I will ask him to check for this one without A/C . Thanks again!
  15. jmb6741

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Hello, my name is Josh and I have an addiction..... bought a 3rd MTVR today and have yet to get any of the EUC’s cleared yet. Two non runners and a wrecked one for parts should make for an interesting learning curve for these trucks. I have pretty well mastered reviving other MV’s and have no...
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