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    Glow plug controller lights

    In a side note, what is this cable for?
  2. jmenende

    Glow plug controller lights

    Howdy folks. Happy 4th of July to all. Im having issues with my glow plug system. The controller has the leds staying on after ignition is off with keys out. This drains my battery. Also, when i connect the positive pole it immediately arcs and starts cycling the glow plug relay unit ot warms...
  3. jmenende

    M1078 towing question

    Howdy folks. Im thinking of towing a few hmmwv with an m1078a1 and tow bar. The manual says the pintle can handle 12k lbs and the humvee is under 6500 lbs. Is the tow bar all thats needed? Im really a newbie when it comes to towing so any suggestions help. Just to clarify, this is just an...
  4. jmenende

    MEP-1040 received, recommended first steps

    If you can, scan the wiring diagram and post it. Back in the day, there used to be cd scratch repair kits. 😅
  5. jmenende

    Another 806B acting funny.

    Looks like the usual bad avr problem to me. I had one that did the exact same voltage fluctuations under load a few weeks back till the avr died. Swapped and fixed it. If no stock avr is available, you can use an aftermarket avr and it will work.
  6. jmenende

    MEP-802A No Response to Control Panel Functions Including Start Switch

    My 2 cents from recent experience. Many of the 802/3 that I have been receiving from auctions have a jerry rigged disconnect cable running from one of the emergency stop terminals through a hole on the bottom of the control cube to the cable lugz (where there is a male and female spade...
  7. jmenende

    MEP-1040 received, recommended first steps

    First, download the manual and have it handy. Familiarize yourself with the unit. Id change all fluid and filters just to reset the clock and have peace of mind. Excersize all switches with the unit off. Like farming said, those batteries are probably bad. Look up the procedure to trick these...
  8. jmenende

    Muffler issues

    The issue is that the muffler has an area that is flex piping. When that gasket goes, the flex pipe start rubbing against the genset chassis till it breaks. I have 3 of these units with the exact same problem.
  9. jmenende

    Muffler issues

    Im even thinking of centering it and just weld it in place. Fuggetaboutit.
  10. jmenende

    Looking for CUCV mechanic in Ga Fl area

    Howdy gang. Looking for a good mechanic to send an m1008 thats been sitting for a while. Georgia or Fl area. Thanks
  11. jmenende

    Muffler issues

    Thanks. I dont know if the gasket paper will hold up to the vibration over time. Maybe a muffler wrap or the stove rope will.
  12. jmenende

    Muffler issues

    Howdy gang! Got an issue with an mep 007b. The gasket that holds the muffler in place and stops it from rattling is gone. I found the gasket (71-4396) in the manual but its no where to be found online. Anyone have an idea on how to keep it centered?
  13. jmenende

    Inflation and MEP replacement parts

    Id vote for the first candidate I see with a rolling coal tshirt.
  14. jmenende

    Inflation and MEP replacement parts

    Post that on Facebook and the so called fact checkers will call it misinformation and ban it. They will say its missing context and claim the kids were looking for diamonds and the genny is not running. :)
  15. jmenende

    M1008 throttle issue

    I have a digital multimeter and know how to use it. Will check the generators for the correct hz. Thanks alot for the specs.
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