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    Real CARC.

    Is there any real CARC still out there and available? I need a quart of CARC black. Happy to take a gallon if I can find it. CARC substitute won't do because I need CARC's dead flat, non-photoreactive properties. Our CARC painted comm shelters and manned trailers all got "SAME HEAT REFLECTIVE...
  2. Jones

    Carc to Urethane

    Ray70 hit the nail on the head. Be very careful when sanding or grinding on CARC. It's loaded with nasties like ground quartz, feldspar and stuff I can't even pronounce. N95 Respirators, not just dust masks to protect your lungs. Goggles to protect your eyes. Capturing the dust and / or...
  3. Jones

    More huffer cart questions.

    Hello all, again. Back from an extended vacation after I found a new home for the baby HEMTT. Just picked up an ex-Navy gas turbine air compressor. This one's powered by a GTC85-72. I'm up against the same problems; Disconnected wires, no wiring diagram. Anybody got any suggestions? I've pretty...
  4. Jones

    baby HEMTT Project

    baby HEMTT update. After posting that I was getting out of the baby HEMTT business, a fellow member from a neighboring state came over, looked at the truck and fell in love with it. To make a long story short; it's now at his place and drivable. My hat's off to him and his mechanical skills...
  5. Jones

    baby HEMTT Project

  6. Jones

    baby HEMTT Project

    OK here goes. The baby HEMTT is a 4X4 project truck I thought up as a toy. Old retired guy with vivid imagination and a few mechanical skills = dangerous combination. It's based on an M35 deuce frame stripped and refitted w/ M900 series 5 ton axles (full air brakes, not air over hydraulic)...
  7. Jones

    baby HEMTT Project

    Thanks Patracy. You're right, it's just finding that right person. I wish it was closer to roadworthy but it'll need to be trucked out of here and most people (me included) would prefer something they can just get in and drive. I've even thought of having someone get it streetable for me. At...
  8. Jones

    baby HEMTT Project

    Well... I'm still alive and kicking although I am starting to show my mileage. A variety of factors have brought me to the point where I feel it's time for me and the baby HEMTT to part company. To that end I'm looking for council on finding it a new home. If the interest is there I'll post it...
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    Jumper cable recepticle

    These guys have the NATO stuff. Power Connectors I have the earlier two-pin style. PM me.
  10. Jones

    HEMTT M977 Tire Change

    TM 9-2320-279-10-1, HEMTT Operators Manual Vol. 1; starting at page 3-40.1All you ever wanted to know about changing HEMTT wheels and tires.
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    Stolen Hummwv?

    Compare frame number to data plate number to VIN on title. Frame and title should definately be the same. Data plate may be different if it's been seperate parts then reassembled.
  12. Jones

    A cheaper way to install LED turn signals?

    Thanks guys. The neat thing about the LED lights is that everything's in the cover and waterproofed. The LED buckets actually have a big hole in the back for air circulation, and to help keep them dried out.
  13. Jones

    A cheaper way to install LED turn signals?

    Grote uses their own buckets with a slightly different screw hole pattern. The TruckLite covers will attach directly to the standard mil. buckets. If you use the standard buckets you have to gut them so the LED electronics will clear. Or you can do something like this for a more flush mount?
  14. Jones

    locking a deuce cab

    This is on the door of my PLS but the idea should work for a deuce too. It's two of the tombstone-shaped padlock tabs Master Lock makes. One is screwed rigid to the door and one is on the door opening, secured so as to pivot. Close door, swing up movable tab and insert padlock. Another idea I...
  15. Jones

    4 cylinder Hercules Diesel from Sacramento to MD

    If you can't find anyone, I'd recommend Unishippers. Unishippers Freight Manager I use them both for my own stuff and for co. mat'ls down at our shop.
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