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    New member - Reno Nevada

    I spoke to CW and he was back on the road, was an issue with K11 relay starter engagement.
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    Anyone new Revo NV with a spare 395 Tire/Wheel or 2 to help a M1084 owner stuck on the side of the road all day? 8/15 8pm PST

    Hi, just saw this. I live in Reno and have a spare, but am out of town until Friday. Please call tomorrow, and I’ll see if I can help. 775-815-9226
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    New member - Reno Nevada

    Hi everyone, new to me M1078 member based in Reno NV. Bought the M1078 from Eric Hines of BuiltMFG. One item still seeking is a tan tailgate if anyone wants to sell or trade for a second 55gal fuel tank as I have a spare. Nice to meet everyone! Josh 2002 M1078 A1, Reno NV
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    Can Someone tell me the difference. LMTV FMTV

    I took the opposite route and added the 1083 bed to my 1078 - it worked great, and for what I need was great alternative.
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    TM For M1078A1 trouble shooting Ele?

    Here is a link to the A1 Operators Manual after much sleuthing in full PDF>
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    LMTV Recovery, Denver to Reno this week 3/17-3/20

    The ticket was outbound in our suburban rental - I will not be speeding EVER in an LMTV. Yes on the high speed gears, and cruising speed seemed best at 55 on the odometer which showed 63mph on GPS. At that speed the fan rarely turned on except when climbing grades, cruising get was typically...
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    LMTV Recovery, Denver to Reno this week 3/17-3/20

    I just saw this, but arrived in Reno late last night, hope safely. It was a great journey, with the lower passes in Ely and Eureka, and Austin all covered in snow. Two of them were blizzard conditions, but the LMTV plowed through, just took it slow. I'd very much like to meetup, will send you...
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    LMTV Recovery, Denver to Reno this week 3/17-3/20

    In Grand Junction - EGT hit 916 on the biggest climbs otherwise 414 at 65mph by gps. It’s running so well decided to press on, great stereo, pretty quiet too. Maggie has taken a stretch.
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    LMTV Recovery, Denver to Reno this week 3/17-3/20

    Maggie and I blasted from Reno to Denver in one day yesterday, and are doing our walkthrough this morning. New can airbags were installed yesterday in order to help the drive be more comfortable. Had one encounter with LE at about 12:30 am. Small over speed ticket but really frustrating that...
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    LMTV Recovery, Denver to Reno this week 3/17-3/20

    Will do - the hubs, and fluids have been changed and recently checked. I'll double check, and yes I did get all of the manuals downloaded on my laptop, and have tried to read through the pertinent sections. I've also read most of the FMTV posts here, and been tracking the Facebook page since...
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    LMTV Recovery, Denver to Reno this week 3/17-3/20

    Hello, Newer to the forum, and have been absorbing all of the great information - as well as the LMTV Facebook page. I was able to procure a LMTV from another member here in Denver, and am planning the trip home to Reno Nevada this week. Currently I am thinking of driving through Colorado...
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    ABS wiring component

    Do you mind sharing what you found to be the cause and the remedy that resolved it for you?
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    Nevada MV's unite!

    New owner of a M1078 - still being prepped for Delivery, anticipate pickup in March. I'll be posting a recovery thread and trip report once planned with the exact date. M1078 A1, Old Southwest, Reno NV
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    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    Looks like the link on the master forum list for classified threads is working fine, so disregard, but the top menu link to classifieds does not link to the forum. I've got a workaround for now!
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    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    The classifieds are showing "oops" for me. I assume they are still being imported? Thanks! Nice clean layout. I'm a newbie but have found this forum a tremendous resource.
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