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    Working on the M37

    Wow your work is certainly coming along nicely and because of the rust you have your hands pretty full! As you start to move forward other areas that have the potential to have a lot of rot in them are going to be cab corners and the front fenders just ahead of where the headlights attach to...
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    Tried to save the Oshkosh

    I am very sorry to hear of your incredible giant pile of troubles in buying the 2206 (beautiful truck by the way as you already know you bought it) ! I dont have anything to add to lessen you burden of dealing with all this, and I truly cant believe they cut the drive shaft, OH you situation is...
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    Just got a M37, took some photos. Love any advice/pointers!

    Congrats on the M37 acquisition they are good pickup, simple, easy to work on pretty reliable if maintenance is kept up on! Depending on what you know about this trucks history something I do to all my trucks when I get them is to drain all lubricants including diffs, trans and transfer case...
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    New member from Colorado

    Ryan welcome to the site, and congrats on your new acquisition it looks in fine shape, what engine and transmission? As far as the tank goes I noticed a couple things, there is no ground strap on the truck used to ground the truck to what ever your refueling, If the exhaust on the truck does...
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    Oshkosh w712

    Good looking truck, there is no way your just cant love a nice OshKosh! I have what looks to be the same truck but its a plow truck running a CAT engine. When I got it came with every blade including a V-plow and a 12 ft straight plow a Wing blade and a belly blade. I sold off all the blades...
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    How long is too long to let sit!

    I live in ND and all my trucks sit over the winter with no starting, every one has a 24 volt battery tender on it and if the trucks are going to sit over the summer unused I make sure to dump a anti-biological growth additive in the tank and run the truck before its actually done. We are cold...
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    Should I buy this thing?!? Lol

    I have been eyeing a 419 for a long time now and still have not pulled the trigger on one and since I am a true blue UNIMOG lover they fit right in with my other Unimog. OK back to the subject, it sounds like you have work that needs to get done ie. septic system dug, thats cool but that is...
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    Radiator cover

    Hey guys after reading this it looks like your installing this weather front on a 1078? My winter front was on a Deuce, it came with the heater kit I picked up for my truck. It had a whole bunch of fasteners that your supposed to drill in the grill guard etc. then screw in fasteners that...
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    Radiator cover

    When I ran my truck in the winter the cover went on in early November and was on till Spring it made I bet a 20 degree difference in the cab at 0 degrees. The engine heats up a lot faster and they are easy to put on and take off, also protects the front of the truck.
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    Top 10 Deuce Modifications

    When I got my Deuce and after all the mechanical work was completed I rhino lined the interior concentrating on the entire floor and up the back wall of the cab. Then I pulled the floor up over the transmission and installed FAT MATT between the floor and the trans etc. then I installed a block...
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    Hello from Las Vegas

    Welcome aboard Bill what are your thoughts on what you want and what you want your new MV for? How big is the place your going to keep the new vehicle? Karl
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    What state law is the best for Former MV's?

    I currently have 7 MV vehicles titled and licensed in North Dakota and they are treated as any other vehicle including the Heavy Use Tax on my M920 and my M977 HEMTT. My 5 tons are licensed as Farm trucks and the only limitation there is I can only be no more than 300 miles from the farm, never...
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    My volvo collection.

    Tatra813 keep your eyes open because I have seen a couple BV206s for sale over the last couple years and once of them looked pretty decent it had the Mercedes diesel engine in it and the seller claimed the tracks were all good no rot and I think it sold for under 50K
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    what cordless tool are you using to get your lug nuts off

    If this is a repeat sorry but a buddy just got a new Milwaukee Cordless its like 36 volts or more and can generate 1800 ft pounds of torque. The battery life was very good for this type of performance and it retails for 1K$ Milwaukee is marketing it in the Industrial sector, not for trucks!
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    Winter storage tips?

    I have a 6000 sq ft warehouse that I store all my trucks in over the winter, concrete floors but no heat. All the trucks have trickle 2 amp chargers on the batteries and that all seems to work very well! One thing I used to do was to go out therre at least once a winter and start each truck...
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