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    Anyone located in Maryland?

    Can you give a more specific location?
  2. Katavic918

    M35A2 Transmission Fluid Change

    I had 40 nd in my last deuce for a month or so. It shifted fine but when I went to 90w mineral gear oil it felt like the gears were a little more cushioned if that makes sense. I could feel the gears less through the shifter. Just my observation.
  3. Katavic918

    my new m35a2

    Nice seat. Congrats on the truck.
  4. Katavic918

    Rear hub oil leak

    Same place yours is. Dont forget new axle gaskets also.
  5. Katavic918

    Rear hub oil leak

    I have done all 4 rear hubs over the span of a few months due to leaks. The first one I replaced the cork and both seals, the rest just got the cork replaced. Upon inspection it looks like the cork is the main culprit. Also if your bearing nut is too loose it could also cause a leak. As for...
  6. Katavic918

    Split/locking ring removal from the wheel on the 1952 M211. Inner tube replacement.

    Thats pretty brave not using a locking air chuck.
  7. Katavic918

    Rims and tires

    Im a little confused. Are you talking about mounting a 17" tire on the 12 bolt 16.5" wheel?
  8. Katavic918

    Looking at a Deuce, Has Some Issues

    It depends how mechanical you are. If you plan on driving it on the road you need to fix the brakes. The rears should lock up on a dirt road with not too much effort. Good luck.
  9. Katavic918

    Inspect your MV's....

    I had loose u joint drive shaft bolts on both m35a2's and loose half shaft bolts on my m998. Definitely good advice to do a complete inspection before you go haulin down the road.
  10. Katavic918

    New guy, Punta Gorda, Florida

    I was just thinking yesterday that a deuce is not a hot weather vehicle. And that was around 80 degrees. Welcome to the hobby from Maryland.
  11. Katavic918

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Changed my fuel filters for the first time in 22 years if I’m reading the date code correctly. Funny thing is that it ran good before the change. The only difference I notice is a higher idle, little higher egts, and maybe a little more power. Sounds better too.
  12. Katavic918

    What is this - Seat from WWII Bomber?

    In my limited research I found similar style seats from ww2 bombers. The ones Found for sale go for quite a bit and most didnt have cushions. Looks like a good find. Would look good in my family room. Hope you are able to make a positive id.
  13. Katavic918

    1952 studebaker please help

    Good deduction. If I had the space I would feel compelled to drag it home and see if I could get it running. But most likely its good for parts at best.
  14. Katavic918

    M936 Hydraulics - or - How Fast Can An Old Fat Man Move!?

    Ugh. I used to hate blown hyd hoses when i was doing equipment work. Always a pita to clean up. Well at least you found a good place to dry your socks.
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