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    M936 Hydraulics - or - How Fast Can An Old Fat Man Move!?

    Ugh. I used to hate blown hyd hoses when i was doing equipment work. Always a pita to clean up. Well at least you found a good place to dry your socks.
  2. Katavic918

    I went back and bought the truck

    The small solar panel is a charger/desulfator. There should be a small black box connected to it and my guess is that it says solargizer on it. Mine works great and always keeps the batteries topped off. There are 2 types of brake adjustments on these. One is very simple and is most likely all...
  3. Katavic918

    Almost bought a truck today much was he asking for the truck?
  4. Katavic918

    Almost bought a truck today

    Just being curious, how much was he asking?
  5. Katavic918

    Charging issues with New alternator

    If it's not your exciter wire it could be your voltage regulator. Thats the back plate held on by, I think 6 small screws. After going through 3 mil altrmators on 2 trucks I swapped both to Delco 21si 24v alternators for about $100 each. No problems since. You will need very minor modifications...
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    Electrical problem

    Sounds like your starter switch or starter solenoid is stuck on. Disconnect batteries and check continuity. Check between terminals on switch and between the large terminals on the solenoid.
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    M35A2 Turbo Swap

    The only problem you'll have is rusted flange bolts. I suggest soaking with penetrating oil over night before starting. Other than that it's inlet, outlet, oil tube and 4 bolts. And like Tabor says, it's a great time to tap threads for a pyrometer. Even if you don't install one now you can keep...
  8. Katavic918

    Assembling 12 bolt wheels

    When I did mine I just put them together. Checking the gaps probably refers to the distance between the stud and the inside of the stud hole. Making sure they are all even.
  9. Katavic918

    Electric issue on my '79 5ton

    Does the shutoff have power to it? I dont know anything about that system but it sounds like your gauge shorted out and blew a fuse/power source that powers both. Good luck.
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    M35A2 Transmission Fluid Change

    I have always used 90w mineral gear oil. Napa has 5 gal buckets for I think $60. Good luck with your decision. I don't see an end in sight for this thread.
  11. Katavic918

    Cabin Fever - Took My M1030M1 For A Trail Ride

    Nice. Were those KLR650's? My brother had one, they really soak up the bumps as I remember it. I just picked up an old 3 wheeler I've been having a blast on. Sure wish I had 40 acres. Definetely getting a lot done on all the vehicles also.
  12. Katavic918

    Got another deuce! M50 saved from the scrapper.

    Sounds really good. Am I correct in assuming the thing with the impeller is the injection pump? It must have been sitting for 20+ years. Good luck with it. Stay safe out there in Cali.
  13. Katavic918

    Driving a personal Humvee on the streets while national guard is deployed in state

    You know what...good point and well said.
  14. Katavic918

    Driving a personal Humvee on the streets while national guard is deployed in state

    I agree. Even without the guard, during an emergency like this, i would hesitate to do it for fear of causing additional panic.
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