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    2nd PTO on M916

    Not sure if the dual pump will lift the trailer quick enough.
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    2nd PTO on M916

    I wanted to pull a dump trailer.
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    2nd PTO on M916

    Has anyone added an additional PTO on an M916?
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    Looking for salvage yards around Houston Tx

    Need a front axle for an M929 Dump truck. It is not an A1 or A2. Just a plain old M929.
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    Rear Wiring Harness for M931A2

    Yes we have. Found wiring harness schematic and going from there.
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    Rear Wiring Harness for M931A2

    All lights work for front of truck (turn signals, etc). No brake lights, turn lights on rear. Can anyone help?
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    To CTIS or not to CTIS

    To completely disable the CTIS is it just a matter of removing the control unit?
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    CTIS change over

    Using the M929A2 Dump for construction. Need to remove all CTIS components and use visual sight in morning for operator to fill tires. Don't have mechanic to check CTIS system every morning. Need to get to work and go.
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    Newbie--M929 out of New Castle

    Any idea where the air system schematic might be found to check to see if the air lines are correct?
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    Sure would be nice if North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia were not in the group. Time for FOOTBALL. Just Kidding
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    M929 Air System Schematic

    Does anyone know where I can find a complete M929 Air System Schematic?
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    Newbie--M929 out of New Castle

    Nice Truck. May have bid against you.
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