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    2020 NC Rally-Denton Farm Park

    It would be if the launches, parks and outfitters we would normally use for shuttles were open.... We're settling for day hikes closer to home but may soon make a break for the Washington and Jefferson National Forest for some backcountry backpacking or camping. Best regards, Lance
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    2020 NC Rally-Denton Farm Park

    We hope that all of you and your families are safe and well. Nancy and I thought our April was going to consist of doing a couple of 4-5 day canoe camping trips and a 4 (5?) day loop backpacking trip near Mount Rogers, VA before heading to Denton but Murphy snuck into our midst and screwed it...
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    Rear Exhaust on an M923 Cargo Truck

    Hi Dave. Sorry for the late reply but your picture is apples and oranges to what happens to the bed passengers if the carg o cover sides are down. In that case the fumes would absolutely affect the bed passengers. Best regards to all, Lance
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    2020 NC Rally-Denton Farm Park

    Nancy and I will be returning home the morning of the 22nd from a canoeing camping trip so I'll be there either late on the 22nd or the morning of the 23rd. In either case she and the dog won't be with me this year so I'll be free to help out where and as needed. I will be bringing my camper...
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    Rear Exhaust on an M923 Cargo Truck

    The extension of the M939 exhaust above the cab and cargo cover was kept somewhat shorter than the earlier trucks due to the cab height being well above the older trucks. That became more pronounced with the advent of the taller tires in the A1 and A2 series. If the pipe were as high above the...
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    Official NC Denton Rally 24-28 apr 2019

    How 'bout now? Are we there yet?? If there's anything I can do to help with planning or during the event please let me know. Nancy and I are on a canoeing aand camping trip until Wed. the 22nd. I'll be there either later that day or Thursday AM. Best regards to all and we wish all a...
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    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    Nancy and I wish all of you a blessed and happy new year. Best regards to all, Lance
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    Official NC Denton Rally 24-28 apr 2019

    Are there yet??
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    Official 2019 Steel Soldiers Georgia Rally (19SSGR) - Georgia Military Vehicle Rally

    I wish you all a safe and happy weekend. Our youngest son is getting married in PA on the 19th so that comes first. Maybe next year we'll drag the camper and a smoker down..... Lance Robson
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    New member from Charleston S.C.

    Welcome from Stokes County, North Carolina. Keep an eye out for the 2020 rally at Denton Farm Park.... Lance
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    New guy From North Carolina

    Welcome from Pinnacle, North Carolina. For those who aren't familiar with the area, that puts me about 10-12 miles from Kick in Mount Airy (AKA Mayberry from the Andy Griffiths shows....). I've owned more CUCVs than I can remember although I only have one 5-ton truck now since we sold out...
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    new from franklin nc

    Welcome from Stokes County. You just missed a great event last month.... Keep and eye out for next year's thread. Good luck on your project. Lance
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    Official NC Denton Rally 24-28 apr 2019

    We got home about 3 PM yesterday. We had a great time and sold the stuff we wanted to move out so we have some elbow room to start painting the block walls in the basement and hanging new permanent commercial duty shelves. Nancy is still geeked out over the Huey ride. We talked to an old...
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    Official NC Denton Rally 2019 buy/sell

    PsycoBob's injector pump has been sold. Lance
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    Official NC Denton Rally 24-28 apr 2019

    Colleagues, It now looks like we'll be arriving around noon on Thursday with our 14 month old red tick coonhound, Rosie. Rosie will be the white and red bundle of energy with the busy nose.... Ideally we'll find a level enough site with electricity to set up our camper and a 12' x 16' fly...
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